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Get-To-Know-Him Game: Fortune-Telling

Arm yourself with this fun ice-breaker wherever you go this summer. It could lead to a very interesting conversation between you and that hottie you're eying.

Hitting the beach this five-day weekend? Print out the following statements, cut them out and paste them onto little cards, then stash them in your travel bag.

What to do: Break the ice with that hottie on the towel next to yours by offering to predict his future--free of charge. Ask him to close his eyes, think hard about his life, and choose a number from one to 16. After he's made his choice, read the phrase below that corresponds to his pick. When he bursts out laughing or starts to protest, ask him to explain why he agrees or disagrees with the outcome he was told. It's a great way to start a conversation with that hunk you've been eying!

1. Life is full of changes...but at least you'll always be rich.

2. A happy marriage and big bank account are in your future.

3. You'll have many love affairs, plus one that blows your mind.

4. You're a giver, so save yourself for a girl as loving as you are.

5. The person you're going to marry is closer than you think!

6. Pack your bags and jet off: Fabulous adventures await you in foreign countries.

7. Your rival will stop at nothing to win. You shouldn't either!

8. Don't be tricked into giving money to someone you don't completely trust.

9. You're about to hear bad news, but you'll bounce back fine.

10. Your biggest asset is your huge group of friends, Mr. Popular.

11. You'll have to rearrange your priorities before you can get what you really want.

12. Beware of shady, jealous people who want to see you fall.

13. You're a sly player, and you'll soon meet your female match.

14. Always keep an eye out for adventure and opportunity, and you'll profit big time.

15. Get ready to celebrate: You'll be invited to an amazing party.

16. Wealth, respect, and honor--they're all yours for the taking!

Source: Adapted from Parlor Games Deck: 50 Amusements And Entertainments For Everyone

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