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Hot Things To Try After Sex

If the most creative activity you and your guy engage in post-nooky is the sweaty cuddle, take note: The bedroom fun can live on.

Seconds After Sex

  • During sex, blood flow in the body rushes to the genitals. As it leaves, even the gentlest touch might be too much pressure for him, but lightly blowing on his package will help cool him off while his body settles down.
  • Individually, most of us have a couple of post-sex sweet spots: areas that are particularly receptive to being touched, licked, tickled, or kissed. They can be anywhere from your collarbone to the insides of your wrists, where the skin is thin. Experiment with him to find each of yours.
  • Leave him in the bed, then take a warm washcloth and gently towel him off in his below-the-belt region. His body temperature will be up post-climax, but don’t use a cold cloth or it will be too jarring—the sensation of the warm heat will feel more pleasurable.

Minutes After Sex

  • While lying on your sides spooning, take his hand and cup it around your breast, and hug his knees inside the backs of yours. Men aren’t wired to be verbal post-orgasm, but this move will make you feel connected to him without even having to speak.
  • Have a heavy make-out session, alternating long, open-mouthed kisses with gentle nibbling. Kissing makes your pleasure endorphins skyrocket.
  • Lead him into the shower 15 minutes later. Gently washing and caressing each other—especially with a frothy soap or body wash—is sexy in a nurturing way.
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An Hour After Sex (aka The Rebuild)

  • Brush different parts of your body—your fingertips, a strand of hair, your breasts—past his lips. There are big concentrations of nerve endings on the lips, which are extremely sensitive to touch and will raise his arousal levels. 
  • Get just a little bit dressed. Put on something that covers up your goods but that you know he finds hot. Depending on his personal preference, that could mean anything from a bra and panties to his white undershirt. It’ll pave the way for a sultry striptease. 
  • Create anticipation for the next time by suggesting a spicy new twist. The perfect example: “The next time we have sex, I’d like to try doing it in front of a full-length mirror.” Boom: You have planted a tantalizing visual that he will feel eager to bring to life as soon as physically possible.
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