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Make Him Please You In Bed

Trust us, your man wants to put YOUR pleasure first, although he might be clueless about what really drives you wild in bed. Here, Cosmo's frisky fix.

Here’s the thing: "Men want to please their women sexually—even if it means getting instruction," insists California sex therapist Lori Buckley, PsyD. That said, a gentle delivery is crucial to keeping his carnal confidence intact. We’ve spelled out exactly how to correct the most common passion faux pas.

He Skips Foreplay

Why he does it: Since sex is perceived as the grand prize, that’s what guys tend to gun for. Also, because many dudes need only a short warm-up to be ready, they don’t automatically get that it’s an important step for you.

Frisky fix: When he bolts out of the starting gate like a stallion on steroids, slow him down by playfully saying something like "This feels so good, I could do this for hours!" That kind of reinforcement will make him feel like a man and encourage him to comply.

He Doesn't Last Long Enough

Why he does it: As his arousal increases, it becomes harder for him to hold back he has an instinctive drive to reach the finish line ASAP. So, you need to act before he gets to the point of no return.

Frisky fix: Hop on top to control the depth and speed. The slower and more shallow his thrusting, the longer he’ll last. And keep an eye out for his "I'm about to peak" signs: flushed face, body twitches, rapid breathing. When you notice his excitement escalating, take a time-out so his "groove" gets interrupted.

He Stimulates Your Clitoris Incorrectly

Why he does it: Every chick has her own preferences, and he may have gotten used to doing it the way his previous girlfriend liked it. Or, maybe no one’s ever given him feedback, so he figures he’s doing okay.

Frisky fix: If he's giving you oral, tell him in a sexy whisper what you want. If he's pleasuring you manually, gently put your hand over his, and guide it at the pace and pressure you desire. Avoid such phrases such as "Don't do it that way," which will sound like a complaint and make him feel like a lame lover.

He Only Performs Jackrabbit Sex

Why he does it: For many men, this is the most efficient way to reach orgasm, which is the ultimate goal. He also might be influenced by viewing porn, since this kind of rapid thrusting is popular in X-rated films.

Frisky fix: If he’s on top, grab his buttocks, and use your hands to try to control his pace a bit. Also, temporarily avoid angles that allow him deep entry, such as doggie-style. Instead, keep your legs flat on the bed and close together to discourage him from working up the momentum to jackrabbit.

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