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4 Myths About Female Sexuality, Debunked

Women can initiate sex, and they do!

“Women don’t initiate sex.”

This could have resulted from cultural norms—how women have been frowned upon when they make the first move, while the men are encouraged to initiate and be spontaneous. But studies have found that women do initiate sex, and it happens when they’re aroused and in the mood for it.

“Women need an emotional connection to want to have sex with someone.”

This was based on studies where women said they didn’t want to have a casual hookup with guys. But new research found that women said yes to casual sex when the reality of physical dangers were set aside and when it was a celebrity asking them to spend the night together. Emotional intimacy is a huge factor for sex, but it’s really not the end-all be-all.

“If a woman is wet, it means she’s aroused.”

This was the assumption, since there’s a 50 percent overlap between the man’s arousal and what’s happening to his genitals. But for women, there’s only about a 10 percent overlap. Women’s genitals are found to respond to practically anything, but it doesn’t mean she’s aroused or even wants to have sex.

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“Having one partner is easier for women than for men.”

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It’s been believed that men are “programmed” to spread their seeds while women are programmed to search for one partner who will support her. But recent study found that female desire drops much quickly than men’s after a couple has been together for a few years. If women were made for monogamy, their libido should be steady or even grow when they’re in a committed relationship.

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