Is It Normal To Be *Super* Sensitive After You Orgasm?

An orgasm so intense, you can barely move.
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During a particularly juicy catchup sesh, a friend told me that on the rare occasion that she has an orgasm, her body gets "super sensitive." When I urged her to elaborate, she said, "I usually have to ask him to get off me because I can't have anything touching my body. I just lie there in a daze."

My first thought was that diner scene from When Harry Met Sally when a customer said, "I'll have what she's having" right after Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm. 'Cause I've had some pretty awesome climaxes but nothing earth-shattering like the one she described (mental note: GOTTA WORK ON THIS). 

Do you experience the same sensations after you orgasm? According to OBGYN Jessica Shepherd, it totally is. Apparently, how sensitive you are after sex depends on "muscle and nerve stimulation." Everybody reacts to an orgasm differently; one person could experience more sensitivity in their clitoris, while another could feel the same way on their vulva. 

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Dr. Shepherd says that the sensitivity usually lasts a few minutes because "your body [is coming] down from its peak and the signals your nerves are sending to your brain start to calm down," too. If, however, it lasts for hours and is hampering you from doing normal, everyday stuff, it might be time to consult your doctor. 

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