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Sex Positions You Can Do After Eating

You're both horny, but still super full. What now?!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Any strenuous physical activity is a sure no-no on a full stomach. But if you must have sex because you and your date are oh so horny, wait it out a bit—the usual two to three hours—before getting frisky. You might still have a heavy tummy then, but at least you get it on. These sex positions are likely doable without the stomach pains:

1. Missionary

Lying on your back pulls your belly down, tightening your mid section. With the missionary position, there won’t be any tummy bouncing that’ll make you feel like your organs are tumbling inside you. Sure it comes off as a lazy position since you’re just lying down, but if you and your partner are in the mood for something romantic, why not? Romance isn’t boring.

2. Flat doggy-style

You will meet your doom in the doggy-style. All that added weight in your belly being pulled down by gravity? Then your belly swinging back and forth as your partner thrusts behind you? Not to mention hearing your dinner shake in your tummy, and feeling the pain in your gut? SO NOT HOT.

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But here’s a quick fix to that: Lie on your belly to secure that area in place, with your butt slightly lifted for the action.

3. Spooning

Much like lying down on your back or belly, being on your side also keeps your stomach from extending. Spooning gives you the chance to rock with your partner or stay curled up. Either way, it’s an intimate position you’ll greatly enjoy with fairly minimal effort.

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