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Your Vibrator Might Be Safer Than A Child's Toy

Chemically, that is.
PHOTO: Jon Paterson/Studio D

Apparently, a study by the Swedish Chemical Agency (SCA) found that fewer sex toys contained harmful chemicals than children’s toys. In 2015, the agency tested 112 children’s toys and found that 15 percent of them had banned chemical substances. The following year, they tested 44 sex toys and found that only 2 percent contained banned chemicals.

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Björn Malmström, a spokesperson from SCA, said, "One contributing factor was that sex toys were often imported by larger companies, which could exert more pressure on manufacturers to avoid harmful chemicals, whereas children’s toys were more often imported by smaller companies which had less power to make such demands."

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Though surprising, it’s crucial to note that the researchers surveyed more children’s toys than sex toys, so it might not be the most accurate study; the sample size is too small. 

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