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8 Things You Can Relate To If Your Tita Is Your BFF

She treats you like one of her own.
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Titas sometimes get a bad rap for their body-shaming comments or their annoying inquiries about your relationship status, but they have their golden moments, too. Here are a few things you can probably relate to if your tita is one of your besties:

  1. She treats you like one of her own.

    This woman isn't a stranger—hello, you share blood—but when she's around, it feels like you have a second mom, and that's pretty cool. Your tita isn't super strict with you, but she's also not afraid to be stern when she needs to be. 

  2. She takes your side (even if she doesn't admit it when your parents are around).

    Your parents are still your parents and titas know they can't ever cross that line when it comes to disciplining you, but you just know she understands your frustrations. 

  3. She listens to your problems.

    There are just some things you can't share with mom or dad—at least not that time you accidentally scratched the car door, and you're just praying they don't notice. 

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  4. She tries to understand your language. 

    Our interests change as we get older but you know your tita is trying hard to stay updated on your latest obsession just so she can keep up with you. A+ for effort, amiright? 

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  5. She's the reason your cousins became your first barkada.

    All those (somewhat forced) play dates you had as a child were to make sure you grew up close to your cousins. And while sometimes you drift during a particularly awkward stage, you know they'll always be your first barkada and that you can always run to them when you're in need. 

  6. She tells you all the family drama your parents keep from you, LOL!

    You know how sometimes you feel like your parents aren't telling you everything? All you have to do is turn to your tita 'cause you know she'll be spilling the tea. ;)

  7. She gives the *best* birthday/Christmas presents. 

    And you don't even have to drop any hints. When you were a kid, it probably meant a Barbie or a new book or an art set. These days? A charm for your bracelet. New sunglasses. Or, you know, MONEY. #Blessedt

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  8. She asks you to hang out and pays for everything. 

    It doesn't matter how old you are—free food will never go out of style. 

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