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The 7 Men You Should Cut From Your Life Right Now

Seriously, stop dating them. And if you aren't, don't let them be your friend.

1. The Casual Sexist

It’s not that he’s a blatant misogynist, but rather there’s a discriminating undertone in the way he perceives people of a different gender (read: not male). Statements like “she’s acting crazy cause she has her period” or “no wonder, the driver is a girl” or the copout “bakla ka ata e” are part of his repertoire of snide remarks. Chalking things to Aunt Flow and a lack of testosterone are weak arguments. So whether he’s your officemate or your boyfriend, this insecure excuse for a man shouldn’t be able to get away with his chauvinistic comments.

2.The Weight Watcher

Not only does he tell you to stop ordering dessert, but he embarrasses you when you try to wear something even just remotely revealing. So you want your pizza and burgers with extra cheese. Don’t let anyone stop you. Trust us, extra toppings promise a better experience than a nitpicking, calorie-counting asshole.


3. The Insensitive Jerk

When he forgot your birthday, you let it pass. Then he forgot that you had dinner plans and made some lousy excuse. His apathy toward your anniversary should be the last straw. Your best bet: forget about him and move on.

4. The Leech

He clings to you for both financial and emotional support, never footing the bill and wearing you out with his personal problems every time you guys are together. Girl, you’re neither his therapist nor his mother. Direct him toward one of the two, stat!

5. The Psycho Stalker

His sketchy activities come in the form of unwanted late night calls, multiple likes on your social media photos, and jealous tirades of obsession every time you’re out with a guy friend. The catch: you’re not even a couple and you were just introduced like two weeks ago. Hide, quick!

6. The Emotional Bully

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He’s competitive rather than supportive. He’s hurtful on purpose, exploiting your weaknesses to cut you off at the knees. It’s not that your fights are physical, but the abuse comes through jabs at your character. Cut this loony lover loose before you believe every asinine word that comes out of his mouth.

7. The Gross Harasser

It might be your boss, coworker, or feeling-close friend. He’s that dude who just can’t help but make bastos green jokes that only he finds funny and makes everyone in the room uncomfortable. Don’t worry, this DOM in the making is probably just frustrated that he isn’t getting any.

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