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The Condom Conundrum: Which One Is The Best?

Five girls spill the deets on their favorite variants!

Let’s talk condoms, CGs. We know how awkward it feels to stop by a drugstore counter to pick a condom. We're also totally aware of the judgmental stares we get from other customers while we go through the colorful stash.

Okay first of all, screw them; it’s your body, and it's your business. Second, there are a lot of variants to choose from, so don’t feel pressured to rush yourself just because someone is looking over your shoulder.

Some condoms may be a little intimidating (Hello, studded condoms!), but don’t write them out just yet. A little adventure never hurt anyone, after all.

We gathered a group of girls to try different variants to give you an idea of how they REALLY feel.

1. Ultra Thin


"My husband liked this the most (not surprisingly), and it really felt very thin and light." - Kate

"Feel na feel mo." –Jen

"This one is my favorite! It’s the closest to the real thing. I know my boyfriend loves it, too." - Bianca

"It's like a little black dress: sleek, classic, and always gets the job done." - Nina

"This was his favorite. This specific type is what we always use. Winner!" - Alex


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"I don’t know if wala masyado lubricant, but mas masakit habang tumatagal." - Jen

2. Tingle


"The tingling effect is similar to that of a cooling feminine wash, and it feels super refreshing." - Kate

"I felt the 'tingle.'" - Jen

"I’m very ticklish, so the tingling effect made it a little more exciting." - Bianca

"You know that just-washed feeling, only you didn't 'just' wash? That. Super fresh!" - Nina


"If you’re doing it in an air-conditioned room, your pepe might get too cold. Haha!" - Kate

"It’s wala lang. Nothing special." - Jen

"It was fun in the beginning, but I ended up getting too distracted by the foreignness of the 'tingle' that I couldn’t really concentrate on the sex anymore." - Bianca

"After three minutes, I felt like my vagina needed a jacket." - Nina 

"I didn’t notice the difference." - Alex

3. Flavored

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"The strawberry scent is not too strong, which is good. I didn’t 'explore' the actual flavor, though. I hate the taste of condoms in general kasi." - Kate


"I don’t like the smell. You smell a bit of strawberry, then...rubber." - Jen

"It smelled okay, but I’m not a fan of the taste of condoms, even the flavored ones. Trying this ruined strawberries for me—and it’s my favorite fruit!" - Bianca

"I've never been into flavored rubber. No matter what brand I try, the scent of the latex is still the overpowering smell. It's like you sprayed perfume after a workout." - Nina

"I found it weird that it has flavor, plus the scent was weird, too. Parang it felt extra sticky. This should be your last resort rubber. Yung tipong pag wala nang choice." - Alex

4. Scented

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"I hate heavily scented condoms—the kind that fills up the whole room—so this is a really nice, fresh-smelling option." - Kate


"Asan yun (shower) scent?" - Jen

"It served its purpose (contraception), but that’s about it." - Bianca

"Not a fan. It made me think of soap, and soap in my mouth and vagina is not so appealing." - Nina 

"The scent was distracting...or super O.C. lang kami." - Alex 

5. Dotted or Studded

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"Seeing the studs was exciting, but it ended there for me. Haha." - Kate

"FRICTION. If you want to be extra adventurous, try using this or the tingle. I think some would really enjoy it, unless the girl is super pain-sensitive." - Jen

"It was…something new." - Bianca

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"I was expecting to feel the individual studs, but I didn't. I did feel more friction, though. The trick is to use the studded variety when you're super lubricated. I'd recommend using it with a water-based lubricant like KY Jelly. Promise, you'll love it!" - Nina

"I liked this the most just because it made me feel like I have a better "grip" kahit in reality na they’re all the same." - Alex 


"Not for everyone! This could work for you if you like extra friction. But if you’re sensitive down there (or if it’s the 'dry' time of the month), I wouldn’t recommend this." –Kate

"Pag tagal, the friction is too much." - Jen

"This was not too enjoyable for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m extra sensitive, but it hurt me more than it gave me pleasure." - Bianca

"Don't use it when you're not fully lubricated, especially if you prefer rough sex. It's bound to hurt." - Nina

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