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Twitter Question: Do Better Tech Gadgets Beget Lazier Humans?

Bianca addresses your online queries right here on! Her first topic of discussion: the effect of technology on dating etiquette.

Hey, Cosmo Gals! I've been getting lots of questions on fashion, beauty, health, relationships, and more via Twitter and my website. I do try my best to answer every single query, so please keep 'em coming, especially here in (through your comments)! To share my answers with non-Twitter folk, I've decided to answer one question every month right here on, and I hope you gals will find my insights helpful!

Twitter question from @GlennOng: "Better tech gadgets beget lazier humans—What do you think?"

No doubt the advancement of technology has made the world smaller, more tangible, and in many ways, more united. Modern gadgetry has given us successful communication at the click of a button. However, one of the downsides to it is it has also robbed us of traditional romance!

Love letters have morphed into e-cards. Silly notes are now sent through texts. Courtship is now done online or via mobile phone (with the special case of long-distance relationships).

Men have become lazier when it comes to pursuing women as real men should: upfront, personal, eye-to-eye, and open to the possibility of rejection. That electricity of standing too close to each other (or just not close enough) is now interrupted by a bad internet connection or a 150-character limit. Rather than real, raw, spontaneous verbal exchanges, technology has led us to edit, retweet, save to draft, and empty/delete our words, thoughts, feelings, and even commitments.

Women, on the other hand, find it easier to give themselves to the opposite sex without letting the guy work for it. No need for boys to call house phones with the fear of having strict parents answer. Gone are the days of having men come over, ring the door bell, and pursue them like respectable gentlemen should. Women allowed this to happen; a woman who's shared nude photos of herself might as well have slept with the person who received them. Sexting may not be physical, but through it, you've relinquished your self-respect with your so-called way of digi-flirting.

Avatars, usernames, passwords, and search engines on the World Wide Web have made us excel by giving us access to limitless knowledge about the world, but they've also caused moral decay by allowing us to conveniently-yet-cowardly backstab others. The best thing you can do is be mindful of what you use technology for. Always remember to use techie advances to advance your life in every way, period.

Such a diverse topic, but a great question! Feel free to ask me more at @Bianca Valerio or @cosmo_ph and you might see your question answered here next month!

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