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V-Day Date Guide: 7 Things You Can Do With Your Man This Love Month

C'mon, celebrate your relationship and do something special this Valentine season. If you're still stumped for ideas, check out our roundup.

According to our Cosmo Hot Debate topic (which you can find on the homepage) over 60% of readers are happily in a relationship (as of press time). You may or may not like to celebrate Valentine's Day for a variety of reasons ("It's corny!" "It's too crowded!" "It's a capitalist tool!" "We don't need it to feel romantic!") but hey, it's just that one day each year when you have every excuse to go extra mushy and super romantic--yes, even more than we know you already are.

Well, with V-Day falling on a Tuesday this year, you also have the option to do a pre- or post-Valentine thing. Whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like celebrating this month, we've got something for you to try--and hopefully, it's something new, special, and absolutely memorable.

Launch the gallery to check out our picks, which included places to visit and shows to catch this month. It's not too late to start planning a grand Valentine's date!

With reports from Trixie Reyna

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