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PSA: Have ~A Lot~ Of Vacation Sex

It's a chance to make your sex life less vanilla.
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We literally don't know a single person who isn't (secretly) a fan of hotel sex. Apart from the clean sheets and unlimited aircon, there's something about doing it some place that isn't a part of your every day routine. That's why we're urging you to include vacation sex as part of your itinerary on your next trip.

For long-term couples especially, having sex in a foreign place can spice up your sex life instantly. Dating coach Jonathan Bennett says, "Sex is more intense when there is newness involved. If you’re having sex in a beautiful hotel surrounded by incredible scenery, it can make it that much more exciting and meaningful."

And because you're on vacation, you're less tense and more uninhibited, which means you become more adventurous, too. You're more inclined to say yes to things you normally don't have the time or energy for.

Bennett asserts, "Many people hold back sexually at home for fear of judgment by uptight family, friends, and others in the local community. The best part of hooking up on vacation is no one knows you or cares what you do.

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Moreover, on vacation, women are more confident. It has something to do with actually having the time to get ready in the morning, pamper yourself, and not rush through what needs to get done. Plus, chances are, where you're going, no one knows you, so we feel less pressure to cater to expectations. 

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