14 People Share What Vagina Tastes Like

'It's sort of like when you make out with someone, only wetter.'
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It’s tough to describe a certain scent or taste to someone that doesn’t have firsthand experience. So if you’ve never tasted a vagina before but are curious (or if you have and just want to see how your own personal description matches up), these people open up about exactly what vagina tastes like.

  1. “All vaginas taste different, but they’re all still vaginas. It’s like how sweat is different. Everyone can have a different sweat smell, but it’s still sweat.” —Anna, 27
  2. “There isn’t much of a taste to it, honestly. It’s like asking what it tastes like when you lick someone’s arm.” —Steve, 25
  3. “It’s really tangy. Well, some can be tangy. Some vaginas are really sweet, too. It’s like how a penis can taste different. It’s all the pheromones and everything going on down there.”—Jake, 28
  4. “It's a little bit salty, but there’s not much of a taste to it. It’s almost… some people might think this is gross but it’s almost like an oyster. Just like how an oyster doesn’t taste much like anything. Not in terms of the sliminess.” —Victoria, 26
  5. “I don’t know why this is the first thing I thought of, but if she’s just had her period, it can taste really copper-y. Like a penny.” —Nick, 28
  6. “If you’ve never tasted a vagina before, this might not sound flattering, but I promise this isn’t a bad thing. There’s a musk to it, just like how everyone has their own taste to their sweat, but it isn’t bad.” —Kyle, 27
  7. “It’s tough to say, because I’m immediately trying to think of a food that would be the closest comparison and I can’t think of one. It’s easy for me to describe something like the flavor of pizza. But a woman’s vagina isn’t a food so it’s really difficult.” —Greg, 27
  8. “It’s sort of like when you make out with someone, only wetter. Picture what the inside of a mouth tastes like. It’s that.” —Natalie, 29
  9. “It tastes like canned pineapple. Not the consistency or texture, but it’s this light, syrupy sweetness.” —Michael, 27
  10. “Every vagina tastes different. Some vaginas barely have a taste, and some can taste tangy like… a granny smith apple. I don’t think it’s accurate but it’s what I thought of first.” —David, 29
  11. “I’m really trying to think on this, because it’s so hard to describe without making it sound foul, which it’s not. But it’s almost like… distilled sex sweat. You know how sex sweat smells good compared to gym sweat? It's like that.” —Peter, 27
  12. “It tastes like a lemon, almost. Well, more like lemonade than a lemon but not sugary… there’s just a sweetness to it. It tastes nothing like a lemon but that’s my best frame of reference.” —Will, 28
  13. “To be honest, I can really only speak to the taste of my partner’s vagina, although I have tasted myself on occasion. It’s slick and thicker than water, but it’s not thick. It’s a little salty but it’s not strong. In comparison, mine is a bit tart.” —Lindsay, 28
  14. “It tastes like a natural body odor. Not B.O. in a bad way, though. Just like people can have a natural but nice scent, this has a natural taste to it.” —Brianna, 26
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