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Watching TV With Your Boyfriend Can Improve Your Relationship

Time to binge-watch with the bae ASAP!
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

Not only is binge-watching your favorite TV show good for your emotional well-being—#TeamBahay forever—it is now actually proven to work wonders for your relationship!

According to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, now our own personal hero, couples who don’t have huge social networks or don’t share the same groups of friends benefit from sharing media like TV shows, books, and movies. Apparently, watching the same shows can make you feel as close to your boyfriend as when you introduce him to your barkada. It enhances interdependence and closeness.

As a relationship progresses, intimacy deepens, leading partners to integrate aspects of each other into their sense of self. Ever notice how couples who’ve been together for years pick up some of each other’s traits and quirks? It’s a form of self-expansion. Merging social circles and, in this case, shared interests creates a unified social identity for the couple.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to binge-watch Gilmore Girls

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