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Why You Should Spend Time Away From Your Partner

It's all about balance.
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The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” may sound too cliché, but being apart from your significant other may actually be beneficial to your relationship.

True love should be a liberating feeling—not something that cages you. If your partner is being too possessive or clingy, you somehow lose your individuality and it could probably restrict you from doing the things you enjoy. Don’t forget that you two are equals and both of you should push the other towards their personal growth and success. Giving each other some space lets you be you.

According to social psychologist and associate professor at Loyola University Maryland, Theresa E. DiDonato Ph.D., me time is equally essential as spending time with your beau for a thriving union. “People benefit from time to reflect on their new relationship and time engaged in activities they love to do by themselves. In walking the tight rope between the demands of one’s work, family, and friends, and what the new relationship needs, engaging in self-care is equally important.”

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Meanwhile, if you’re having trouble in paradise, separating for a while can help you reflect on the situation instead of bickering non-stop on who’s right or wrong. The time you spend on your own helps you look at the circumstances from a different perspective. If you feel like you want to take a break, make sure you lay down the ground rules and have an end date!

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Remember, being in a relationship should be balanced with a social life and a healthy lifestyle. Anything that's in the way is for you to clear out of the path.

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