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Your Naughtiest Sex Questions Answered!

Cosmo's experts finally clear up everything, from improving erotic skills to the best way to get kinky.

As a Cosmo girl, you always keep things creative in the sack. But, if you still have a few racy curiosities floating around inside your mischievous little mind, you’re not alone. Here’s how to take your sex life to the next level.

Q: Help! I haven’t tried oral sex before. Fellatio 101, please!
A: For a guy, there’s nothing more spine-tingling than nuzzling his member in a woman’s warm, wet mouth. Good news to the unexperienced: It’s not as hard as you think. Dan Anderson, author of Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man, gives you the basics:

Put his member in your mouth and start gently sucking and licking. To help him “stand at attention,” make a ring around the base of the shaft with your hand. Resume licking the tip and along the length of his shaft. While keeping your mouth taut,“glide the head inside and lick the sensitive spot underneath with both the tip and the flat part of your tongue—like what you would use on an ice cream cone. Proceed down the shaft as far as you can go in one swoop.” Then, pull your mouth back up the entire length of the shaft right over the ridge of the tip. He’ll dig the sensation of your popping lips. Continue this up-and-down motion at a sensual pace...until you’re ready to spit or swallow.

Q: My boyfriend has joked about threesomes. Do you think he wants to try it out?
As much as guys love the idea of being with two chicks at once, that prospect isn’t appealing to many women. But, you don’t have to ditch his three-way fixation outright. “Plenty of couples use the fantasy of it without actually inviting someone else into their bed,” says Robin Sawyer, PhD, author of Sexpertise.

Have your man describe what he would want you and your plus-one to do to him. As he talks, alternate between the various acts he’s describing. If it’s the two-girl visual he responds to, double his viewing pleasure by propping a mirror near the bed. If he wants to see you getting aroused from the sidelines, touch yourself as he watches.

Q: Whenever I try 69, it’s uncomfortable and awkward. What am I not getting?
Depending on angles and body types, 69 (where you’re giving each other oral sex simultaneously) can be a tricky but spicy skill. Try it lying on your sides to make up for height differences more easily and so no one is supporting his or her weight, suggests says Claire Cavanah, founder of Babeland, a famous sex shop. Don’t stress about staying there until you’ve both peaked—use 69 as a way to get revved up before moving on to another erotic configuration.