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Why You've Ghosted Someone Before, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Because every sign has a special way of leaving you on read for all of eternity.

In casual dating, ghosting someone (or being ghosted) is so common that it often feels like a matter of how rather than a question of when. In fact, one 2016 study found that 78 percent of millennials had been ghosted, and we're betting that number's gotten even higher since—especially if you include Gen Z.

Astro-stereotypes say that Sagittarians will never commit to a relationship—but hey, any star sign can ghost you! Obviously being ghosted is never your fault, and it's not on you to figure out what you've done wrong (Answer: nothing!). But astrologers say the stars can help you figure out exactly why and how any bae might dip without notice. Will they leave you on read after texting for weeks, go MIA after your third date, or—the worst—date you for months and then disappear without a trace, leaving you wondering if they're dead or just a terrible person?

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Here's how each sign ghosts and learn how to avoid being left on read, astrologically speaking.

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Why an Aries ghosted you:

Aries is a fire sign—they burn fast, hot, and bright, keeping you warm from the very beginning. But then, like so many campfires and fancy candles, they burn out, leaving only smoke and ashes in their wake. As the first sign of the zodiac, they’re impulsive and spontaneous, and they dive head-first into romance. But as soon as the going gets rough (or a DTR convo is initiated), they might disappear. Their sign practically wrote the book on ghosting.

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How to keep an Aries from ghosting:

The keyword for Aries is “new,” so as long as you keep them on their toes, you’re sure to keep the fire lit. Plan an impromptu date night. Surprise them with a sexy pic, or give them a new vibrator. Even if that couples' aerial yoga class is a disaster, Aries will prefer it than getting bored at the same bar you always go to.

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Why a Taurus ghosted you:

Taureans—the first earth sign of the zodiac—are known for their steadfast loyalty. Once someone forms a relationship with them, they’ll do whatever it takes to maintain the bond. Romance is rather black-and-white for them (they’re extremely stubborn), so if they say they’re not interested in a relationship, the person they’re seeing needs to take that sh*t seriously. There's nothing you can do to make a Taurus change their mind. In fact, if you have a major disagreement about your relationship status, it's best to just give up and find a new boo. Don't try to fight it—the bull won't budge.

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How to keep a Taurus from ghosting:

Taureans always stick to their guns, so the only way to avoid being ghosted by one is to steer clear from getting involved with an unavailable Taurean. The only sure way to win a bullfight is to not participate at all. There are plenty of bulls who are looking for a long term relationship—Taureans love comfort, stability, and luxury, and dating one is a delicious treat. Just make sure you're on the same page from the beginning. BTW, the same advice goes for if you're looking to keep it casual—if you get involved with a relationship-minded bull, it'll only end in tears.


Why a Gemini ghosted you:

Ah, Gemini. Anyone who’s dating one should brace themselves for their signature vanishing act. This super social, super flexible sign is the most gifted at flipping the switch—after all, they're basically two people! Geminis aren’t trying to be deceptive—they just get bored extremely easily. They have sooo many hobbies, interests, and different (and we mean totally different) friend groups that it can get exhausting trying to keep up. And if you can't, well, sorry, but Gemini's out. It's easier for them to dissolve into thin air than explain themselves. They can use that time to learn a whole new language or film a TikTok vid, after all.

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How to keep a Gemini from ghosting:

Wish for the best. Not to be harsh, but if a Gemini sticks around, you’ll know that your bond is impenetrable. Even signs with similarly fast-paced energy can frustrate Gemini, if they're not as flexible as they are. On the other hand, these fickle Twins sometimes vibe with more stable signs, like Taurus—it all depends on which personality they're showing right now. If they do ghost, though, don’t worry—Geminis will always be that ghost who periodically slides into your DMs after they've gone missing!

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Why a Cancer ghosted you:

Cancers are extremely sensitive creatures. Just like the crustacean that symbolises their sign, they protect their soft interiors with hard, sturdy armour. Simply put, it’s hard for Cancers to open up. One of their greatest fears is unrequited vulnerability, so when it comes to ghosting, they usually dip before they get too close. And if you do gain their trust and they open up to you, but you hurt their soft lil' crab feelings, they might shuffle away. At the end of the day, all they’re seeking is partnership that’s honest and dependable—so if they get flaky vibes, they'll leave before they are left.

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How to keep a Cancer from ghosting:

Establish a safe space within your relationship early on. Let your Cancer know that their emotions are okay, and you’re down to celebrate all their feels. When a Cancer knows they’re safe, they stick around. And once you get to the point where your lil' crab comes out of their shell, be careful! Understand that they're super sensitive and do your best not to hurt their feelings. If you do upset your Cancer bae, apologize ASAP and try to make things right—or else they'll soak in their hurt feelings, get resentful, and leave.


Why a Leo ghosted you:

Leos make a terrific first date because they're theatrical and love to entertain. They easily captivate acquaintances with stories, perks, and special talents. But some Leos are best at shows that are one-night-only—they aren’t afraid to close the curtains on the romance. After all, they have so many fans—like, people crushing on them—that they might want to keep their options open. Besides, Leos love being part of a power couple, so if you don't suitably impress them, they might choose to move on.

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How to keep a Leo from ghosting:

Try enchanting your Leo with a long, deliberate applause. Let them show off! Leos are seeking someone who’s more than just a partner—they’re also looking for a fan. Let your fabulous lion know they’re the best, and they’ll stan your relationship in return. BTW, don't be modest on your date with a Leo—go ahead and drop the fact that you were your high school valedictorian or have 12,000 followers on Instagram. These lions don't know the meaning of "humble," and if they did, they'd think it's boring. Why not show off your gorgeous mane?

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Why a Virgo ghosted you:

Though Virgos are known for their kindness, they're actually one of the biggest ghosters of the zodiac because they can spot all of the incompatibilities very early on. They're super smart and super analytical—and they expect perfection from everyone. They'd rather bounce ASAP than watch a relationship go downhill. This leaves people they ghost scratching their heads, especially since Virgos can seem SO into the relationship at first. But that's the thing about Virgos: They seem all sweet and innocent at first, but they've got another, earthier side to them.

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How to keep a Virgo from ghosting:

Unfortunately, once a Virgo has decided that a bond is doomed, there’s little you can do to convince them otherwise. But of course you want to keep them! So try appealing to their sweet nature. Small tokens of appreciation and acts of service go a long way with this practical earth sign—don’t be afraid to show your Virgo lover that you really care. And, BTW, know that Virgos are noticing even your smallest mistakes, so acknowledge them and apologize. If you show up 20 minutes late for a date but don't remark on it, know that Virgo is silently stewing behind that smile. So if you got caught in traffic, tell your Virgo you're sooooo sorry you kept them waiting—and then buy them a fancy cocktail to make up for it.


Why a Libra ghosted you:

Symbolised by the scales, Libras are constantly trying to find harmony and balance within interpersonal relationships. But because their sign perceives itself as the “peer mediator” of the zodiac, they don’t want to be limited to just one bond. If they suddenly feel like a newfound relationship is becoming a bit too constrictive, they’ll simply drift away. Libras are also indecisive AF, so if they go on five dates with you, you might think you're basically a couple, but they're still in the getting-to-know-you-and-deciding-if-they-actually-like you phase.

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How to keep a Libra from ghosting:

Let them know you support their social obligations. Libra wants to attend six back-to-back happy hours? No problem, you’re down for it! As soon as they know you’re along for the ride, they’ll be sure to stick around. BTW, Libras love aesthetics and have a *chef's kiss* sense of style, so give them tons of compliments. Their new hairstyle? Gorgeous. Their shoes? The most stylish you've ever seen. Their glasses? You wish your eyesight was terrible so you could wear the same style. In fact, you might even get some non-prescription ones so you can look as cool as they do.

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Why a Scorpio ghosted you:

Scorpios have a bit of a reputation as being, well, a lot. They might show up to your date having found your high school Friendster or Multiply account, or followed the maze of your Instagram tags to find out that yes, you met your ex's parents, but no, you didn't live together. While not all astrological stereotypes are true, Scorpios are intense and people need to be careful with them. Once they form an emotional connection, it’s not easy for them to let go. They protect their heart at all costs, which makes them an expert ghoster. And they hold a grudge unlike any other sign, so if you f*ck up, don't expect to get a second chance.

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How to keep a Scorpio from ghosting:

Don't act surprised if your Scorpio lets a little fact slip that they could have only learned from something you tweeted back in 2017. If it's out there, expect your Scorpio to know it—and don't try to keep secrets from them. If they do ghost you, it isn’t easy to change a Scorpio’s mind, but they are excellent at hauntings, since they have a hard time letting go. They will absolutely watch your Insta stories long after you called it quits.


Why a Sagittarius ghosted you:

Symbolized by the celestial archer, Sagittarius is all about exploration, adventure, and discovery. What other people perceive as “ghosting” is simply their default spirit. They’re *all* about dipping, so people really shouldn’t take their vanishing acts personally. The archer is famously non-committal—they'll commit to the right person, but they have to be sure.

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How to keep a Sagittarius from ghosting:

Embrace their roaming tendencies. They’ll feel confident in building a strong future together if you play the role of a co-pilot who’s always down for anything. And, btw, don't think that you're an official couple if you haven't had a real-life convo about it. Sure, it's been seven months, but if you haven't defined the relationship, your Sag might think it's just casual while you're secretly planning your couple's tattoos.

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Why a Capricorn ghosted you:

Capricorns are often painted as unemotional workaholics, and that’s not entirely true. They definitely know how to let loose and have fun, but when it comes to dating, the end needs to justify the means. They just don’t want to invest in a relationship that has no future, so if anything feels annoying or imperfect off the bat, they're quick to lose interest. Caps often have an extremely detailed five-year plan, and if your goals don't match theirs—or, worse, you don't have any defined goals—they'll dip.

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How to keep a Capricorn from ghosting:

Be very clear with what you want early on so your Capricorn can determine whether the relationship is feasible on their end. This earth sign really appreciates honesty, so when in doubt, always lead with the truth. And once you're in with a Capricorn, don't slack—they appreciate hard work and planning, so you better have an itinerary and a budget for that weekend trip you're suggesting.


Why an Aquarius ghosted you:

Passionately humanitarian and highly intellectual, Aquarians are revolutionaries. They care deeply about equality, but have a difficult time applying these values to their interpersonal relationships. This makes them notorious flakes, because they struggle to know if they really *want* a relationship to begin with, or how to sort out their feelings for you. Aquarians are sometimes called "robots" because they can be so dispassionate—yes, they have feelings, but if they think they have a good reason for hurting yours, they won't think twice about it. And they're also called the "weirdos" of the zodiac. 

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How to keep an Aquarius from ghosting:

If you start to notice your Aquarius lover pulling away, call them out with straightforward questions. Get real. The fastest way to their heart is through spirited debates and picking apart their non-committal B.S. And don't hide your eccentric side from your Water-Bearer Bae. Aquarians love ~the unconventional~ so let your freak flag fly!


Why a Pisces ghosted you:

Pisces are known for their incredible empathy and emotional depth. Symbolized by the fish, they’re highly intuitive and can pick up on subtle, extrasensory experiences that otherwise go unnoticed. But the breadth of their perception can be overwhelming, and in turn, they swim away quickly. After all, fast movements are a fish’s primary defense mechanism. BTW, Pisceans are incredibly romantic—they want that fairy tale romance, handwritten love letters, and poetry included. If your idea of romance is texting memes, Pisces won't be impressed.

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How to keep a Pisces from ghosting:

These water signs have rich inner worlds, so they need to spend lots of time exploring their own psyches. If they seem absent from the relationship, they probably migrated upstream. Don’t try to catch ‘em—these mysterious creatures aren’t always meant for land. Pisces remind us that the journey is always the destination. So give 'em time to figure out their own minds—don't push them to swim faster than they want to. And in the meantime, appreciate them like the mermaids they are.

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