The Zodiac Sign You'll Have The Best Sexual Chemistry With

And have the best sex with, obvs.
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Who can really, really light your fire? Read on to discover the star sign with whom The Universe says you can undoubtedly have your best ever sexual experiences with:

Aries & Libra

Aries are all about showing off and taking the lead; Libras are a much more cerebral and thoughtful sort. It might even really only be a Libra who can tame the beast that is an Aries. In turn, an Aries' determination and positive attitude overcomes Libra's indecisive (frankly, dithery) tendencies. They look like an odd couple, hell, they are an odd couple. But this curiosity about, and respect for, each other's strengths draws them together magnetically. They both complete what the other lacks, so they actually complement each other. And when it comes to the bedroom, they provide what the other most desires.

Gemini & Sagittarius

You know those couples who you would hesitate to invite anywhere for fear of god only knows what chaos and mania they sweep into the room with them... well, meet Gemini and Sagittarius. A pair of wild, thrill-seekers who egg each other on and into ever more daring escapades. What does their bedroom life look like? More varied than a box of jelly beans. If it's doable, they'll do it. If it's stupid or dangerous, they're even more all in. They're so pleased to have found someone as daring as themselves, they often disappear into their own world.

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Taurus & Scorpio

Both are incredibly physical signs who like to make everything look, sound, smell, taste and feel good. Together, they're a perfect storm. In the bedroom, where Scorpio's voracious appetite for intimacy is met by Taurus's desire for lingering, sensual experiences are the norm. In fact, it's rare that this combo ever leave the bedroom (or if they do, they probably take the sex with them)! As a pair, they create the kind of sex scenes you only really see on screen (not porn, although maybe yeah sometimes a bit porny). Very, veerrry hot stuff. Come between them and you'll seriously regret it (they hold grudges and grind axes for fun).

Cancer & Capricorn

Opposites attract, it's true, and that is definitely the dynamic behind this pair's powerful connection. Cancer is an imaginative, witty, emotional dreamer whereas Capricorn is a hard ass! Ambitious, serious, determined and simply unable to suffer fools... so you'd think Cancer would be OFF the menu. Quite the opposite. These two come from polar ends of the spectrum of personality, so find each other exotic and fascinating. Their love life is pretty unbridled because they get to act out the fantasies they'd be reluctant to share with someone more like themselves. All rules are there to be broken, and it feels damn good.

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Leo & Aquarius

Leo is all about Leo, and doesn't like to be 'bested' by anyone. Saying that, they also want the 'best' on their arm, which can lead to tricky relationship dynamics (i.e. massive, flaming rows and a trail of broken hearts and dreams...). Cue: Aquarius. The 'best' in terms of intelligence (which Leo really respects) and distant/chilly enough to not notice half of the BS Leo gets up to. Aquarius is in their Aquarian world while Leo cavorts about like a King/Queen Dick. Bedroom-wise, Aquarius brings some pretty saucy ideas to the table and Leo has the physical attributes to make them come (*ahem*) true. Brains + brawn = full package.

Virgo & Pisces

SUCH a weird combo, truly. Virgo is the glacial, pragmatic and perceptive realist, rooted in fact and logic. Pisces is, TBH, a bit away with the fairies. They lives in the clouds, most likely to end up in a cult, worshipping yogurt or something. Yet, together, they soften each other's extremes and bond over a shared sense of humour. And they let each other take the mick.

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Sex life? Wild. Pisces can get Virgo to let down their (pretty impressive) guard and release an inner hottie that few would guess is there. Pisces is up for anything anyway, and delighted to have found a secret side to their partner which no one else would guess at. They'll never tell you how it goes down, but, trust me, it goes down A LOT.

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