The Latest Instagram Pose To Take Over Your Feed

Wave goodbye to 'Barbie feet.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/emrata, (RIGHT) Instagram/bellahadid

Instagram is great for when it comes to spotting a trend. And now? It's a specific pose that seems to be spreading everywhere.

So wave goodbye to "Barbie feet" and say hello to the "baby giraffe pose"—which looks as cute as it sounds. Coined by Head of Fashion at Instagram, Eva Chen, the idea of the pose is to with one foot forward, and the other a little raised.

Along with a photo of her doing the pose, Eva wrote,

"Baby giraffe pose, explained: one foot forward, back foot slightly on tippy toes (like you’re coming off a step! This is how I discovered it, thanks to the steps in front of the #igselfiemirror). Hold the phone at a straight on angle. Ignore wonky hair from being slept on. Done! #babygiraffepose"

Needless to say, since she pointed it out, we've noticed it everywhere:

Anybody fancy being our official photographer for the day so we can try this out? No?

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