Inside The Well-Stocked Givenchy Bag Of Stylist Pam Quinones

Find out what the celebrity stylist brings with her during fashion shoots.

We're introducing a new theme for November, Cosmo chicks, and it's something we know you will simply love: This November, Cosmo is all about fashion, fashion, fashion! To kick off the most fasyon time of your Cosmo-tized year, we're featuring the bag of one of the most sought-after celebrity stylists and former fashion editor of the now defunct Marie Claire Philippines, Pam Quinones.

What exactly do stylists do? Well, they create their client's overall look, whether it's for a photo shoot, music video, movie, TV show, TV commercial, event, or any occasion where a celebrity (or anyone who feels she needs a stylist) would need to look extra nice for the public. They need to know the latest trends and what kinds of clothes suit their clients. In a nutshell, stylists are responsible for making the celebrities you see on TV and magazines look their best in the clothes they wear.

Pam, for instance, was responsible for styling Cristine Reyes in Cosmo's October 2010 cover shoot. And just as she does every time she needs to style the cover girl, she pulled out what seemed like a closetful of outfits, accessories, and shoes from different stores and designers, and from which she picked and put together the pieces Cristine would use on the cover and inside pages of Cosmo.

Despite her challenging job and hectic schedule, Pam always looks fab and exceptionally trendy. And we don't just mean her stylish clothes--she's always impeccably glammed up, too. She makes sure her bag is stocked with all the makeup essentials she needs to look great, regardless of how haggard her job can make her.

"Buti na lang nagbawas ako ng makeup the night before!" Pam exclaimed to when we asked if we can shoot the contents of her bag. "Otherwise, you would have had to shoot tons of products!"

Not that we'd mind, since we'd love to show you all the goods Pam keeps in her black Givenchy bag, but the "edited" loot we found inside her bag are more comprehensive than any we've seen in most bags we've checked out. Check out our gallery when you click on the button below to find out what kikay stuff and other essentials we found inside Pam's designer tote.

With additional reporting from Trixie Reyna

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