5 Mistakes You're Making When Styling a Blazer

Beware of these!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

New rules? We've got them. The blazer or suit jacket has had a particularly good run in the sun this year, seen resting on some of Instagram's best dressed shoulders as their current fave way to cover up. Below, five mistakes you should be wary of making when blazing up.

1. Sticking only to a full suit

Split 'em up! Like Nicole Andersson, try taking an otherwise stuffy belted jacket and throwing it over some comfy sweatpants. Airport lewk alert. You can actually also mix and match existing sets with each other for twice the fun: That solemn gray pinstriped suit you had made bespoke might enjoy mingling with the punchy, fuchsia floral one you bought from Zara. 

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2. Not enough accessories

Brooches, pins, patches...pile everything on to your maximalist heart's content, because there's no room for yawning here. The logo trend is, in fact, stepping up a notch, manifesting itself not only on monogram-emblazoned clothes and bags, but on intricate costume jewelry as well! Double Gs? Cs? Interlocking Fs? Take advantage of the alphabet and flaunt the letters of your choice right on your lapel.

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3. Staying plain

About time you banished all traces of aversion to color, print, and texture. Go for a real statement, says Heart Evangelista as she prances around Paris in Prabal Gurung's cherry-red bell sleeves! Scale that extra mile and seek out unique patterns and fabrics, tooa zany paisley or elegant fringed tweed will give your usual pinstripes and checks a much-needed break.

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4. Keeping fit 

What we mean is, oversized suit jackets (complete with Madonna-esque padded shoulders!) are quite literally huge right now, so there's no need to stick to the ol' tailoring commandments! Fear not a loose fit and sample something bigger and more relaxed. Tip: the larger the blazer, the more intentionally slouchy it'll look. Simply team with a slinky lace slip and lots of attitude. Kim Jones is serving.

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5. Hiding it for the weekend

Your Saturday-friendly jeans and tees are just as smitten with that blazer as your work trousers are. Trust us and Gabs Gibbs! It's a love triangle to watch, we think. Drama is minimal and sharing happens to be a good thing, so split your hours between pencil skirts and denim shorts guilt-free. 

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