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The 5 Commandments Of Selecting Sunglasses For Your Face Shape


Shopping for sunglasses can be a bit tricky, and without knowing what you want right off the bat, you could end up buying something too big for your face (a common problem among petite Asian women), or too tiny! Luckily, we've compiled this easy peasy cheat sheet for you to check out when you need to shop for your own pair.

Here are 5 commandments you should follow when buying shades:

  1. Know your face shape.

    There are four basic face shapes: Heart, Oval, Round, and Square. Know which one's yours before you shop! You can check out these celebrity pegs for reference:





    Once you've determined your face shape, you can then check out which styles fit your face.
  2. If your face is heart-shaped, you should check out aviator frames.

    Aviators help balance out your pointy chin by drawing attention to your cheekbones. 

    Ray-Ban, price available upon request
  3. If your face is oval-shaped, you should check out rounder frames.

    These frames won't let your face look too long, especially in photos!

    Coach, price available upon request

    Coach, price available upon request
  4. If your face is round, square frames will balance out your look.

    The angular shape of the sunglasses will define your soft features. 

    Coach, price available upon request

    Ray-Ban, price available upon request
  5. If your face is square-shaped, check out thicker, rounder frames.

    Because you have a strong jawline, you'll need these frames to slightly soften your look, without compromising your face shape:

    Coach, price available upon request

    Coach, price available upon request

    And there you have it—it's that easy! Happy shopping, Cosmo Girls!

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