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16 Cute Sneaker Options For Girls Who Want To Buy ~*Another*~ Pair

Can’t have too much of a good thing!

Sneakers have existed for as long as we can remember, although back then, we'd only wear them to P.E. class. Fast forward to twenty ~ish years later, and surprise, sneakers have become a ~*trend*~. And while at one point, we almost got sick of all the sneaker #shoefies on Instagram, the good side of it is we're finally allowed to wear these stylish kicks to work!

…unless, of course, you're in a corporate office. But then again, if after 6 p.m. you choose to change and step into your white sneaks while still in your charcoal gray suit, no one's gonna judge you. It's actually one of the chicest outfit combinations ever!

So here we are, still riding on the sneaker-wagon, as the trend seems to be going nowhere. Below, our edit of the pairs to get for yourself:


    If you're going to "dress down" by wearing sneakers, you might as well pick a unique pair that's very *you* and will make you stand out in a crowd.

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    Whether it's paint-splattered or covered in a cool, metallic finish, we highly encourage you to try out these stylish pairs.

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    Melissa paint-splattered sneakers, P3,250, Zalora

    Something Borrowed metallic sneakers, P899, Zalora

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    These are the types you can wear to the office with khakis or trousers. No pair of sneakers can be classier than ones that come in a quiet, neutral hue and clean cut.

    Puma patent sneakers, P4,230, Zalora

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    Nike black sneakers, P4,195, Zalora


    Like plain white tees and LBDs, a pair of white sneakers is an essential that’ll never go out of style. You can wear it with whatever, and it's probably the most widely accepted type of sneaker. To P.E. class and beyond!

    The best part about a white sneaker is that there's a looooot of it available, and you can always find a pair that fits your personality and your personal sneaker preferences. Here are styles that are a teeny bit out of the ordinary. 

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    Skechers white sneakers, P3,890, Zalora

    Keds perforated sneakers, P3,795, Zalora


    These pairs are made for trendsetters. They're shockingly cute, supremely trendy, and statement-making all at once.

    If your day is packed and you have a lot of physical hustlin’ to do, you're better off looking stylish in these pairs. They're a low-key, low maintenance way to get your outfit noticed!

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    Adidas sneakers, P5,300, Zalora

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    Puma suede sneakers, P2,569, Zalora


    A little (or a lot of) shimmer and shine never hurt nobody. In fact, it might actually be the pick-me-up you need on a bad morning. All you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust… manifested as glittery finishes and sparkly embellishments on your sneaker-of-the-day.

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    Aldo shiny sneakers, P2,700, Zalora

    Velvet embellished sneakers, P899, Zalora


    Slip into these pairs and you'll at once feel like a style star or a K-pop girl group member hounded by fashion photographers.

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    Nose knit sneakers, P2,649, Zalora

    S&H high-cut sneakers, P1,699.75, Zalora


    These are the more popular sneaker types and ones you'll be ~pressured~ to get because you simply need. to. have one. "Originals" and "special edition" are music to your ears and enough to convince you to purchase a pair of these prized beauties.

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    Overthink no more and put your hard-earned sweldo to good use, aka on your feet where you can always see them!

    Nike silver sneakers, P8,995, Zalora

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    Adidas running sneakers, P5,800, Zalora


    Are you more of a Vans skater girl or a cheerleader in Keds? Stereotypes aside, the classic sneakers of these brands are the ones we grew up with, and at one point, even defined our personalities.

    As grown-ups, however, we experience a second wave of appreciation for their simple, straightforward design. Here, the classics you have loved and owned—but with a twist:

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    Vans checkerboard sneakers, P3,329, Zalora

    Keds mule sneakers, P2,590, Zalora

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