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'Thrift Flipping' Is A Way To Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Spending Money

You only need some needle, thread, and a lot of patience!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/ashleyogarcia; (right) YouTube/Ashley Garcia

Who here loves ukay-ukay shopping? We know we do. There's just something so satisfying about finding clothes that are affordable and unique after hours of digging into piles and looking through the racks. Another thing we like doing? Watching other people's hauls because we're nosy like that, LOL! One thing we noticed about these videos is that some of them would ~alter~ their clothes on their own to make them fit better or create a completely different piece of clothing. This process is called thrift flip.

This alteration process isn't just limited to ukay-ukay finds—you can do this with your clothes that are either too baggy or just plain ~meh~. Pinay YouTuber Ashley Garcia posted a video on how to transform old clothes into brand new, trendy pieces. She explained that since her first thrift flip, a lot of people have been asking her how they could do the same if they don't own a sewing machine or know how to use it. Ashley said that it's totally possible to do it by hand (and some fabric glue!) Check out one of her finished outfits:


She got her older brother's old polo and transformed it into chic and trendy co-ords by cutting the top and hand-sewing the cut-up pieces. It takes patience, but with practice, you'll be able to whip up new clothes in no time at all!

Watch Ashley's process below:

Transforming Old Clothes (no sewing machine needed)

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