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BTS' RM's New Favorite Accessory Is A Whistle That Costs Roughly P13,000

Just in case you forgot how rich BTS' members are.
PHOTO: Twitter/BTS_twt

After earning millions following the success of their Burn The Stage documentary (and being rich AF ever since skyrocketing to international fame), you might wonder how the members of K-pop boy group BTS like to spend their money. I'm just as curious as the average fan, so I did some Twitter stalking, and found one user who spotted rapper and leader RM wearing a Visvim whistle that costs $250 USD (P13,106.25):

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Okay, big deal right? ARMY peeps (aka BTS fans, ICYDK) spotted waaaay more expensive outfits on the boys. The thing is, this isn't the first time RM bought a Visvim whistle. He already had another in the color silver:

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Boy just spent $500 USD (P26,215.00) on TWO whistles, just 'cause he can! Let that sink in for a minute as you ponder how your wallet compares to his.


ARMYs are super into the style choice! These theories (and ridiculous jokes) say it all:

This BLACKPINK reference was kinda on-point:

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A fan pointed out that it could be a reference to his solo track, "tokyo:"

This fan straight-up thinks the next BTS comeback is called "Whistle"...

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...or it could just be there to keep his noisy members in check: