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Where To Buy The *Prettiest* Resin Jewelry With Dried Flowers

They're so gorgeous!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/izabella.resin, Instagram/soviolisa

Dried flowers are one of the most popular home decor pieces that came out of quarantine. Everyone and their mother were designing their rooms with them and posing with them for the 'gram. If you're not one for home decor, though, there is still a way you can hop in on this trend. Enter: Resin jewelry. They are made by filling accessory molds with epoxy resin and repurposed flowers, glitters, or beads to create pieces that are one of a kind. Interested? Check out the online stores that sell these unique trinkets:

  1. Soviolisa

    Follow them: @soviolisa

    Want to keep a special bouquet of flowers ~forever~? Soviolisa can do that for you! They can take the petals from the floral arrangement and preserve it in either resin jewelry or picture frames so you can keep it close to you for a long time.

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  2. Kamila's 4AM Art

    Follow them: @kamilas4amart

    Kamila's 4AM Art also uses *real* preserved fruit along with dried flowers to make their jewelry and accessories unique!

  3. Izabella Resin Art

    Follow them: @izabella.resin

    Izabella Resin Art has so many pieces, you'll surely find the perfect design for you—whether it be a bracelet, ring, or necklace!

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  4. FMN | Resin Art

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    Everything from Forget Me Not is just so wearable! If jewelry isn't your type, they also offer phone cases that are designed with dried flowers.

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  5. Pisces Abubot

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    If you want minimalist pieces, check out Pisces Abubot's shop. The flowers are super spaced out, so the accessories appear more transparent.

  6. Zen Garden DVO

    Follow them: Zen Garden DVO

    Their custom-made pieces are just to die for!

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