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This Local Brand Turns *Real* Fruits And Flowers Into Pretty Accessories

There's one for everyone!
PHOTO: Instagram/kamilas4amart

Accessories make any basic (or pambahay) outfit look more put-together. When you are aware that you appear more presentable, you become motivated to go by your day. If you're searching for unique and something ~new~ to add to your collection—just for variety—turn to Kamila's 4am Art product lineup!

This local brand turns fruits and flowers into wearable and functional art like hair clips, ear savers, jewelry, and phone cases. They preserve colorful fruit slices and pretty flowers in resin to create the cutest accessories. Each product they make is unique, so you're sure that you are indeed wearing a special piece of art. Take a look at our favorites below:

We're pretty sure this sakura and strawberry charm bracelet will get sold out right away.

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These floral and fruity barrettes will instantly make your hairstyle look stylish and posh!

This is a flower-inspired accessory that stops the mask from hurting your ears and makes it fit better, too.

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We can't stop thinking about this strawberry necklace!

This earrings and necklace set looks great with any item in your closet; we guarantee that.

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These phone cases are great gifts for your friends and yourself.

Visit to order. Their pieces are made in Japan and the Philippines.

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