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Everything You Need To Know About Heart Evangelista's New Clothing Line

We've got exclusive details straight from Love Marie!
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Fresh from a recent jewelry collab, Heart Evangelista shows no signs of stopping! The actress and local style icon's new clothing line with Kamiseta, LM for Kamiseta, features her gorgeous paintings featured on the brand's select pieces. At the launch of her collection on November 21, Cosmopolitan Philippines asked Heart a few questions about her inspiration behind the designs, her favorite pieces, and how the collaboration came about.

How did this collaboration start?

I've been looking for the best group that can help me with my ideas. You can't do it alone. I needed to partner with someone who could print my paintings perfectly and Kamiseta was so fast! We both work very fast so it was a breeze! It was complicated, but it was a breeze.

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What does it feel like to marry your two passions—fashion and art?

I'm in shock! I was so nervous a while ago, because it was a first for me. I felt like I wasn't an artista at all. It's overwhelming to see all of this! People can buy my paintings [on these pieces]. I worked so hard on my paintings and now people can wear them. It feels good that I can empower people with the way they dress. I've never thought that in a million years, I could do that. 

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Can you tell us about certain people, places, or events that inspired your designs? 

Life, the ups and downs. My paintings here are from 2014 pa so I went through so much in my life. Traveling inspires me too, and just by watching fashion shows, being exposed to everybody walking on the streets, embracing their individuality. You see so much and it's overwhelming at times. I have to release this [through something]—that's why I was so inspired while I was doing this. 

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Do you have a favorite piece from this collection?

I love my painted skirts. I think you can wear them with anything. I also like the tops because you can play around with [them], too. 

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*Answers have been edited for clarity.

You can shop Heart's new collection at Kamiseta's website.

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