Turn To These Celebrities For Inspo If You Want To Get Multiple Piercings

Too stylish for words!
PHOTO: (left) Instagram/sueannadoodles; (right) Instagram/iamloisandalio

If you've been pretty indecisive about getting multiple piercings, we're here to convince you to cross over to the dark (and more fashionable) side—let go of your fears and get those piercings you've been wanting for ages! We feel you though, it's a big decision (kind of like getting a tattoo), and you might need a bit of help figuring out the best designs that will suit your ear best. Check out these decorated celebrity ears we found, and you just might start looking for piercers nearby:

Chie Filomeno

Sue Ramirez

Loisa Andalio

V from BTS


Kim Chiu

Margaret Zhang


Samantha Lee

Jess Wilson

Sandara Park

Blake Lively

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