Where To Buy Minimalist Earrings For Multiple Piercings

Here are five local Instagram stores to check out!
PHOTO: Instagram/pulserasbykim

As someone who has been fascinated with multiple piercings since I was young (much to my parents' dismay), I've always been interested in finding out which piercings fit my ear best. It may be tough to find a constellation piercer in the Philippines to help us sort these out, we do have impressively chic minimalist IG stores online that sell standout pieces, without crowding your ears! If you're interested in getting multiple piercings (or have a lot of your own), here are five IG stores to check out:

Skinned PH

Apart from having pretty cute designs, you can check out piercing style pegs on their IG!

Pulseras by Kim

If you're looking for a more ~*customized*~ experience, this brand hosts brass jewelry-making workshops, too!

No Ordinary

Their dangling earrings look stylish and psychedelic. These pieces look perfect with multiple studs:

Emblem Jewelry PH

Check out their IG page to know where to find them in local bazaars!


Crafted locally by Philippine artisans, Nami's name also means "nice" in Ilonggo. You'll definitely agree, looking at these designs:

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