Pinoy-Made Outfits Lady Gaga Would Probably Love (Or Even Wear!)

At the Philippine Fashion Week show of designer Kermit Tesoro, we found outfits that we can definitely see this month's Cosmo cover girl wearing!

Cosmo's July cover girl, international artist Lady Gaga, who is fast becoming an icon, not just of the music industry but also of fashion, is known for both her hit music and outrageous outfits. Think (literal) bubble dress and super structured pieces that look like they can be architectural pieces or sci-fi costumes.

Of course, Cosmo loves everything about Gaga, out-of-this-world fashion choices included. And this love extends to a collection we spotted in the 13th Philippine Fashion Week held a few weeks back at SMX Convention Center. Kermit Tesoro’s collection brings us to the future (while simultaneously reminding us of our cover girl--she would most probably love it!) as he created jaw-dropping pieces made out of materials that we would never think of utilizing: plastic, auto leather, rubber, and thin metal sheets.

The young designer teamed up with a young artist as well, Leeroy New, in this magnificent sci-fi collection for Philippine Fashion Week. The result of their team-up is like Back to the Future meets Land Before Time: Models strutted down the runway in body-hugging suits in skin-tone shades with accents reminiscent of horns.

The finale gown caught the eyes of every person in the function room as the stunning model walked gracefully (and carefully) in a metal white suit looking like a sci-fi queen. Kermit also showcased in this fashion show his collection of unusual yet very fasyon towering heels (read: up to 6.5 inches)! Imagine each model sashaying down the runway in a pair of these fab heels!

Get ready to see the future through Kermit Tesoro’s collection by clicking the ‘View Gallery’ button below. Here's to hoping our fabulous cover girl would notice this young designer's creations and make them part of her wardrobe. In the meantime, do you think you can make it part of yours?

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