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The Emotional Stages Of Getting Ready For Philippine Fashion Week

F*ck this, I'm wearing sneakers.

1. YAY! I can't believe it's Philippine Fashion Week already! I'm so glad I bought new heels which hurt soo much. But if I break into, they will be super comfortable...tonight! Awwwyiiiiiz.

2. But what do I wear with my new stilettos? I could wear that oversized sweater from H&M with the leather shorts from Forever21? But that outfit might be too cliche.

3. Why don't I just remove ALL my clothes from my closet, and dump 'em on my bed.

4. WTF I have so many clothes. Oooh, so that's where my bodycon dress went.

5. Wow! I bought a romper pala? And also, how many bodycon dresses do I own?!

6. Okay, I cannot figure out what I want to wear. Maybe I need to take a shower to help me think about my super fashionable outfit which will get me in the pages of whatever cool chick magazine. Like Cosmo. Or Preview.

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7. Kailangan maganda outfit ko para nasa ako! Two words: Profile pic! 

8. I will bathe in my delicious Vanilla Shower Gel for an hour, and finally put that P500 face mask my BFF gave me for Christmas.

9. The pack says I should leave it on my face for 15 minutes, but it's ridiculously expensive, so 45 minutes it is!

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10. Seriously though, what should I wear? I can always wear my bodycon dress, because it's sexy, and it makes me look like I have a nice butt. But it's so plain-looking! And it doesn't say *~*fashionable*~*; it says going to ~*~da club~*~. Ugh, mamaya na nga!

11. I should do a cat eye on my lids. I haven't actually perfected it, but I feel like tonight is the night!

12. Okay, today is not the night.


14. Red lipstick na lang nga!

15. I have decided to wear my oversized polo tucked inside my leather skirt. And I'm totally doing the half tuck, because it's so #cool and #fashyown. 

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17. I mean, really. Why didn't I break into them yesterday?!

18. If I put gel padding inside, will the heels hurt less? NO.

19. FUCK THIS. I am wearing sneakers, because normcore.

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