The Emotional Stages Of Getting Ready For Philippine Fashion Week

F*ck this, I'm wearing sneakers.

1. YAY! I can't believe it's Philippine Fashion Week already! I'm so glad I bought new heels which hurt soo much. But if I break into, they will be super comfortable...tonight! Awwwyiiiiiz.

2. But what do I wear with my new stilettos? I could wear that oversized sweater from H&M with the leather shorts from Forever21? But that outfit might be too cliche.

3. Why don't I just remove ALL my clothes from my closet, and dump 'em on my bed.

4. WTF I have so many clothes. Oooh, so that's where my bodycon dress went.

5. Wow! I bought a romper pala? And also, how many bodycon dresses do I own?!

6. Okay, I cannot figure out what I want to wear. Maybe I need to take a shower to help me think about my super fashionable outfit which will get me in the pages of whatever cool chick magazine. Like Cosmo. Or Preview.

7. Kailangan maganda outfit ko para nasa ako! Two words: Profile pic! 

8. I will bathe in my delicious Vanilla Shower Gel for an hour, and finally put that P500 face mask my BFF gave me for Christmas.

9. The pack says I should leave it on my face for 15 minutes, but it's ridiculously expensive, so 45 minutes it is!

10. Seriously though, what should I wear? I can always wear my bodycon dress, because it's sexy, and it makes me look like I have a nice butt. But it's so plain-looking! And it doesn't say *~*fashionable*~*; it says going to ~*~da club~*~. Ugh, mamaya na nga!

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11. I should do a cat eye on my lids. I haven't actually perfected it, but I feel like tonight is the night!

12. Okay, today is not the night.


14. Red lipstick na lang nga!

15. I have decided to wear my oversized polo tucked inside my leather skirt. And I'm totally doing the half tuck, because it's so #cool and #fashyown. 


17. I mean, really. Why didn't I break into them yesterday?!

18. If I put gel padding inside, will the heels hurt less? NO.

19. FUCK THIS. I am wearing sneakers, because normcore.

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