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Turns Out, Having 'Nothing To Wear' Can Give You Anxiety

Your early-morning clothing crises are truly valid.
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Unless you actually take the time to plan the next day's clothes the previous night, you're probably very familiar with the panic that sets in when you wake up late and can't manage to put an outfit together. It's frustrating AF, especially since you know you have tons of options in your closet.

However, according to, it's actually not because you don't have enough clothes—it's the fact that you have a lot of them that makes deciding overwhelming. Jo Hemmings, a psychologist and dating coach, explains, "When we are too overwhelmed by options, it's known as the 'paradox of choice.' Whether it's which TV channel to watch, who to date, what cereal to buy or what to wear when we get up in the morning, this abundance had been shown, through many studies, to cause us anxiety."

She adds, "It's the 'more is less' theory, that when we are faced with too much choice, our already-overloaded brains simply get stressed and it leaves us feeling more concerned about choosing an outfit, than liberated by the variety."

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To combat this, Hemmings suggests several solutions, including cleaning out your closet and donating/selling/giving away whatever items you don't wear anymore. And if that still doesn't work, you might be better off finally picking up the habit of choosing your outfit the night before.

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