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6 Bargain Hunting Tips Every Cosmo Girl Should Know

Score the best deals and make the most of your fashion budget with these shopping tricks.

It ain’t called bargain hunting for nothing!

But to make any hunt successful, one must be prepared for a fashion fight! So, allow us to give you our top six tips for your shopping trip:


Boredom really can kill...your wallet, that is! One of the easiest ways to overspend is by dilly-dallying at a mall or shopping venue, whether it's an online store, bazaar, mall, or ukay-ukay. Make sure you have a game plan:  Go directly to the stores you favor most and which may have what you’re looking for. The other stores can wait. Or better yet, give yourself a time limit so you have less time to loiter and empty your budget!


There’s nothing worse than seeing an item you just purchased in another store at a CHEAPER PRICE! Best way to avoid this is to check the more affordable stores that may carry a specific design you're eyeing FIRST. That way, you’ve covered the bases from the stores with the lowest prices to the highest.


As they say, nothing ever goes according to plan. However, unexpected surprises await those who are open to change, right? Didn’t find what you were looking for? Did it not look as great as you thought? Did it look better on the mannequin or pictures? Did they run out of stock? Don't worry, that’s what improvising is all about. You just might find something better and more affordable! Don’t limit yourself to the mall! Check online shops, thrift stores, garage sales, and bazaars! Here are some of them:

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Christopher Columbus discovered America by accident so make that next great fashion discovery simply by adjusting your frame of mind.


Credit cards are convenient, but if you don’t have the discipline to own one, stick to CASH! Cash helps you see the money come out of your wallet, which makes it harder to spend, as opposed to a credit card bill that only has a number printed on it for you to sign so passively.


Just because it’s cheap, it doesn't mean you need to buy it. Hell, no! If you don’t see yourself using it several times, forget it. We’ve all been suckered into that trap, but think about the money you'll save (for something you really like) if you just learn to walk away.


It does pay to be the early bird. Don’t wait ‘til the holiday rush when prices go up or for an ocassion when a friend deserves a gift. If you see things that may be great gifts on sale, go ahead and make those purchases.  Space out your gift list shopping throughout the year to make your holiday spending less daunting! Just make sure to store them properly to keep them fresh and new.

We'd love to know your bargain hunting tips! Tell us when you comment.

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