6 Fashion Tips For Loving Your Full Figure

Do you see being a plus size as a styling obstacle? With confidence and these Cosmo tips, you'll be fasyon in no time.

No matter what your dress size or body shape, looking and feeling good in fact depends on you. And it really all boils down to attitude and confidence when it comes to how you carry yourself.

Of course, you must begin by understanding your body and knowing full well what your assets are, as these are what you have to highlight, and what parts you must hide or subdue. This will help you when picking silhouettes that will work for you. Once you've got this knowledge down pat, just have fun with fashion!

Full figured women may think this is easier said than done. But just the same rules above apply. To guide you, Cosmo cites six tips on how to work your voluptuous shape to bring out the fun, fearless, full-figured female in you. View the gallery for these shapely fashion inspirations.

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