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Why You Should Invest In A Watch In Your 20s

Make sure you have at least one watch that goes with everything!
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If you're a twentysomething Pinay, you probably want to achieve so many things: a promotion at work, a love life, and a solid skincare routine are just some of the things on your list. Investing might be the least of your priorities right now, but as with any investment, it's best to start earlier. Apart from the usual stocks and life insurance, you can also invest in a watch—it's even better because it's something you can actually see and use! Here are some reasons to invest in a watch of your own:

Its value can increase over time.

If you invest in a high-end watch, there's a chance that it will be more valuable as time goes by. This usually happens with pieces that are rare, in high demand (when supply is low), or popular even among those who don't know much about watches. But just as with any other type of investment, having the following qualifications doesn't guarantee an increase in value.

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It can make you look more put-together.

A watch is the ideal accessory for work because not only does it help you keep track of your day, but it also helps make you look more profesh. If you're looking for a watch that will go with any work OOTD, make sure to choose one in a neutral color and in a classic style. 

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It's still the easiest way to tell the time.

If you're wearing a wristwatch, all you'll have to do is flip your wrist to find out what time it is. Some will argue that you can also check the time on your phone, but there's always the risk of your phone's battery running out. Besides, if you're cramped inside the MRT or running to the office, it's still probably easier to check the time on a watch.

It helps you avoid unnecessary distractions.

If you check the time on your phone, you're likely to be distracted by a bunch of notifications, whether it's about your ultimate K-pop crush posting a new photo on IG or you matching with someone on Bumble. A traditional watch doesn't have access to the internet, so when you check the time you won't encounter any unnecessary distractions.

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It can help you be on time for work.

A study shows that people who wear watches are more likely to arrive at appointments earlier due to being more conscientious (a.k.a. wanting to do a duty or job well). Being aware of the time helps you become more mindful of things like the time you spend getting ready in the morning and your average travel time, giving you the opportunity to take the necessary steps to ensure you're never late.