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Should Your Underwear Be Seen In Public?

In defense of your undergarments.

Truth is, we think it's totally acceptable to show off your lingerie in public. And by show off, we mean like parts of it.

Here are some of situations where we think it's okay:

1. When you're wearing an off-shoulder top or a strategically cut sweater, and the bra straps show. As long as your straps come in a color that's close to the print of your top, that's okay. For example: If you're wearing a floral pullover, and you happen to be wearing a pink bra strap.

2. When you're wearing a super sheer black polo, and you have the SEXIEST black lace bra underneath. It's classy and sexy, without having to reveal a lot of skin.

3. When you have a tank top with a ridiculously low armhole, wear a black lace bandeau over a strapless bra. It won't look so trashy if people see the cute lace details.

When it's NEVER okay to show your underwear in public:

1. When your bra straps resemble fried bacon. We don't care if you're wearing a shirt, and the straps will never be seen. You owe it to yourself to GET A NEW BRA.

2. When you're wearing low-rise jeans, and your panty shows. This isn't the '90s anymore, honey. That, and it looks really cheap.

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3. We know a visible panty line is an accident, and it's not exactly like you're flaunting your undies in public. But you CANNOT wear a tight skirt, and have a panty outline. It just doesn't look right. So invest in seamless undies, ASAP.