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Style Radar: Do Guys Prefer Girls Dressed Down Or Up?

Want to know what look attracts men more? We asked these lads for some spot-on clues.

Jay Jay, Vocalist/Guitarist (Bloomfields)
"I prefer girls who know how to dress well. I think they’d look really attractive."

Birdie, Product Manager
"Dressed up girls are better eye candies."

Paco, 30, ENT Head And Neck Surgeon
"I prefer dressed up girls because I like girls who have a lot of class and style."

Patrick, 26, Project Manager
"Dressed up. It highlights their figure and it gives them a classy, elegant look."

Arvi, 35, Businessman
"Dressed up. We prefer that they look good when in public with us."

Dan, 30, Businessman
"Dressed up. It highlights their taste and class and they look more sophisticated."

Photo courtesy of Missy by Bayo

Wesley, 31, Customer Development Team Leader
"Dressed down girls—they’re low maintenance but still sexy."

Mari, 24, Marketing Executive
"Dressed down…the simpler the better."

Jon, 27, Self-Employed
"Dressed down. It’s the one who wears the simplest clothes and makes it look like a million bucks [that] attracts me most."

James, Project Manager
"Dressed down, because you know how they look when not exerting too much effort…you see the real them."

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN
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