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Where To Buy Cute Pajamas That You Can Wear All Day Long

Spending most of your days in PJs lately? Same.
Cute pajamas from Instagram and online stores in Metro Manila.
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We're five months into quarantine and by now you're probably wondering when you'll get to wear proper clothes again—you know, the kind that you don't just throw on whenever you need to receive a package or do a quick grocery run. But really, with most of us working from home for the foreseeable future, who could blame you if the majority of your days since March have been spent in either gym clothes or pajamas? That doesn't mean you can't look put-together, though. There are plenty of stylish athleisure options you can check out, and even pajamas can look good enough to attend Zoom meetings in. Here are a few you can check out if you need to add some pieces to your rotation.

Pajama Party PH

Looking for cute pajama sets that won't break the bank? Pajama Party PH has a wide selection of PJ styles, from shirt-and-shorts combo to button downs and long pants sets in a variety of cute prints and colors. Price range is from P280 to P480.

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Dainty Doll Shoppe

Dainty Doll Shoppe is where you can score silk and cotton pajama sets that come in different prints and patterns. Their cotton pajama sets are priced at P550 while the spaghetti strap ensembles and silk PJs are P450 and P650, respectively.

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Pajamas Overload

Take your pick from Pajamas Overload's wide array of comfy sleepwear in various prints and fabrics. They have cotton PJs that start at P180, satin sleepwear that start at P350, and challis pajama sets that start at P260.

Aria Vintage

You'll spend lots of time browsing through Aria Vintage's selection of cute printed pajamas priced from P420 to P520. They even have a selection of room slippers available.

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Local swimwear brand Eika also has a range of chic sleepwear in cotton and satin. The satin variety comes in plain colors and elegant cuts and styles, so you can totally get away with wearing them even during your online meetings. Prices start at P699. Eika also has a selection of bedroom slippers and silk eye masksto complete your sleepwear essentials.

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Nueve Sleepwear

We found sleepwear that's chic enough for selfies and they don't cost over a thousand bucks! Nueve Sleepwear has cami sets that come in the prettiest colors. They're made with silk fabric and has adjustable straps. The sets offer a comfortable fit that feels good on the skin. Each set is priced at P650.

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Wear Margaox

Looking for silk loungewear that won't break the bank? Wear Margaox has a wide selection of ensembles, whether it's short sleeves and shorts or long sleeves and pajamas. They also come in fun prints and colors! Their short sleeves-and-shorts set go for as low as P485.

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Private Storey

If you want to level-up your sleepwear game, you won't go wrong with Private Storey's elegant pajama sets. They're available in various sets: shorts sets, long pants sets, robe sets, dress sets, short sleeve sets, long sleeve sets, sleeveless sets, and crop top sets—all of which look good enough to 'gram! They also have silk pillowcases available as well as eye masks, scrunchies, and face masks.

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White Label Intimates

White Label Intimates has a wide range of chic and dainty sleepwear in different cuts and styles. They have silk pajama sets that look good enough to wear outside. Prices range from P850 to P2,200.

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