This routine is certified MRT- and Angkas-proof. ;)
Wearing a full face of makeup while commuting is a dangerous game. With the situation in this country, you can never know whether your makeup will still be there by the time you get to your destination. We're here to
'Bakit kasi sabay-sabay ha? Dito sa Angkas, one-at-a-time lang lagi ang sakay.'
In case you somehow don't already know, the Angkas Twitter account has more attitude than EDSA has cars during rush hour (which is now a 24/7 thing, really). Since the motorcycle-hailing service returned in May 2019, they'
Because EDSA is a nightmare.
All of us are affected by the dreadful Manila traffic, and everyone's looking for alternative options just to get to their destinations on time. Even our fave celebs are so done with the nightmare that is EDSA, and they'
Have you tried using Angkas?
You've probably seen a funny Tweet or two and even read some Facebook statuses of how Angkas saved the day, but one thing's for sure: It's more than a hype.ICYDK, Angkas is a motorcycle-hailing
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