A classic cut!
Hello! Today in ~hair makeover~ news, Julia Barretto got a fringe-again. She first had curtain bangs during the beginning of 2020 and embraced the versatile hairstyle once more. The 23-year-old actress debuted her new 'do on her grid,
We love how extra chic it makes her look!
K-pop star Sandara Park is no stranger to drastic hair transformations. Her career as a member of girl group 2NE1 proved that she can sport almost any hairstyle-be it fiery red-orange tresses, a one-sided undercut, or her iconic "
It's actually possible *not* to mess it up.
Being stuck home for what feels like forever and getting a serious case of cabin fever, you're probably on your way to the fifth stage of grief which is acceptance... and if we're living life like we'
She's on a hairdressing rampage.
It's a proverb as old as time: when boredom hits and emotions run high, DIY fringes will ensue.The decision to get a fringe is not one to be taken lightly. We've all had that post-breakup or new
Bet you never considered these styles before!
So, you've decided you want bangs. The question now is: What kind should you get? Should you go for a blunt chop or should you go the K-drama lead actress route and get a light, wispy fringe? Either way,
She looks so good!
Does a celeb hair transformation even exist if it doesn't get a trillion likes on Instagram? Or at least a couple of compliments from said celeb's equally famous friends?(It's a rhetorical question but the answer is no,
If you can't wait for the salon to open, at least listen to the pros.
In the grand scheme of things, our lockdown beauty problems are pretty insignificant. But if you really can't wait to get to the salon and you want help with hiding root regrowth or cutting your own hair at home, the
You can still make your fringe work!
Since the quarantine started, we have been taking matters into our own hands when it comes to our hair. Some of us have tried to bleach and color it, while others dare to cut their own locks by themselves.Unfortunately, DIY haircuts
Without regretting it.
We still cannot believe that getting a haircut is considered "dangerous." COVID-19 spreads through droplets and enters the body through our eyes, nose, and mouth. This means that close physical contact will put you and the other person at risk of
The K-idol dropped her number one tip!
We can never forget when Lisa Manoban wowed us during BLACKPINK's performance at the 2019 Coachella Music Festival. But what really stood out was not her rapping or dance moves-it was her *unmovable* bangs. Lisa's fringe looked
She has us *convinced* to chop off our locks, too!
Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, everyone was advised to stay at home to limit the spread of the disease. Physical distancing was highly encouraged, a curfew was implemented, and the number of people going out was regulated. All non-
'Hala, hindi pantay!'
Ever since the government placed Luzon under Enhanced Community Quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has been staying at home to avoid transmission of the virus. With that, people have been looking for ways to amuse themselves and be
When DIY is the *only* way to go.
So you've decided that you want a new look, specifically Joy from Red Velvet's hair. Her long hair with full bangs is too cute not to cop-think K-style meets cool girl. Plus, Joy's IG
Put down those scissors and read this first.
Whether you're bored or you simply can't be bothered to go to the salon, sometimes you just *need* to take matters into your own hands. Read: Cutting your bangs by yourself. It's always better if a
These styles are worth the upkeep.
Hot take: The biggest mistake when it comes to getting bangs has nothing to do with getting bangs in the first place (and, yes, that includes post-breakup bangs and quarter-life crisis bangs). Nope, IMHO, the reason bangs often get a
Bagay with a red lip!
Just when we thought we were over our bangs obsession, here comes Maine Mendoza to remind us about it. During the grand launch of her second time as a #MACMaker, she was spotted wearing a blunt fringe which she paired with undone
Plus, find out the styling mistakes you're probably making.
Just like coloring your hair, getting bangs can be a full-time commitment. Not everyone wakes up to a perfectly-styled fringe-yes, not even your favorite K-drama leading ladies. It takes effort to have bangs that puffy and perfect, but
Remember when Billie Eilish sported a mullet on the red carpet and everyone was all: "Hell yeah, Billie is such a badass she could literally pull off any hairstyle."Then a few days later, Billie broke the news that her vintage cut
Bangs > any other hairstyle.
Jane Oineza has been sporting a fringe even before the haircut became trendy. She first got one when she was growing out her pixie cut. Now, she's worn it in many ways. She's tried it all-blunt, side-
Bagay na bagay!
We can't help but notice Maja Salvador's recent makeover. After her stint as Camila in The Killer Bride, Maja opted for a new 'do. In the teleserye, she's always seen sporting super long hair. To
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