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A fringe will change your look and lifestyle.
Before you finally convince yourself to get bangs, we tell you the truths about living with them. This hair makeover will change your look and lifestyle. Be prepared to adjust your routines-both hair care and skincare. Slowly ease into the fringe
Bye, patchy kilay.
After seven years, I got bangs again. While I love my new hairstyle, I wasn't prepared for how it would affect my eyebrow routine. Pre-fringe I only used a pencil and clear brow mascara to groom my arches, which
She looks so fresh!
This year, bangs made a comeback, and the hottest style to date is sheer bangs.-the K-beauty-approved trend.The latest famous face to join the see-through fringe club is Julie Anne San Jose. Yes, the same girl who also
Bangs will look good on everyone, we guarantee it!
Bangs can change your look in a snap (or a snip? LOL). A fringe can look good on any face shape, and it will work with any hair texture. If you aren't convinced that this cut will work for you,
For a makeup-free contour.
The biggest difference between your contour and your bangs is that the latter doesn't wash off. Sure, it grows, but it can frame your face even when you're not wearing an ounce of makeup. Hence, if it'
We're living for it!
Jasmine Curtis-Smith just joined the looooong list of celebs who got bangs this year. But before we show you her new 'do, here's what she looked like pre-haircut:Jasmine's medium length 'do is great