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Find your everyday lippie here!
If you're looking for the one nude lipstick to suit your skin tone and budget, we've got you covered with this curated list of wearable beiges, tans, and browns.1. Ever Bilena Advance Matic Lipstick in Sweet Sorbet (
Want a makeover for next year? Try these tips for creating a new you.
The end of the year is slowly nearing and with all the advancement in technology, breaking down of cultural barriers, and growing acceptance of social norms, we often find ourselves in a rut, struggling to keep up with the fast-paced world.
Learn a few <i>kikay</i> tricks from the fashion and beauty insiders themselves! Trust us, following these tips <i>won't</i> hurt your pocket.
Yes, they may be famous, rich, pampered with tons of luxurious gifts, and/or have access to a haven of fab beauty finds, but these celebrities and fashion industry insiders have their own cheap tricks up their sleeves, too! Most magazines today
If you're shopping this long weekend (the end of October), take note of another round of discounts and amazing deals!
The holiday rush is slowly building up, and it's still two months 'til Christmas! So it's not a bad idea to start shopping now, before the malls get even more crowded within the next few weeks. We've got another
After telling us all about scoring the best fashion steals, our Style & Beauty columnist shares tips on how to make our <i>kikay</i> stash budget-friendly, too!
We aren't called "beauty junkies" for nothing! But as the word "junk" puts it, we find ourselves wasting away countless products we were suckered into buying or ditching a so-called favorite for another "latest" beauty buy. The result: wasting so
These days, nobody's too posh to live on a budget--not even your favorite stars. Find out how A-list celebs cut back to live the (kinda) simple life.
True or false: Celebrated fashion maven and Beatle daughter Stella McCartney went to state school up until high school instead of attending some exclusive prep school with other rock royalty brats.Fact or fiction: In Buckingham Palace (a.k.a. Princes William
Fighting signs of aging on your skin need not cost you a fortune. Use products you've always been <i>hiyang</i> with.
While it's fun to try the latest beauty products on the counter, budget-conscious working chicks like us don't have the luxury of splurging on an expensive anti-aging product that we would turn out to be allergic to or
The recession is a good time as any to look as great as you can be. Cosmo shows you how.
Having to save and pay your bills at the same time given such a tight budget may initially cramp your beauty routine. But a quick inventory of your supplies at home will give you the essentials for homemade beauty recipes that can