P-beauty is happening, everyone!
P-beauty (our nickname for Pinoy beauty products) deserves to be known globally. After all, our local beauty industry is bursting with high quality items. We asked different Pinays what their fave finds are, and tbh, we had a hard time narrowing
Try this hack the next time you do your makeup.
We'll be the first ones to admit that ever since highlighting became more mainstream, we haven't really skipped doing the step in our daily makeup routines. (Yes, even during days when we're just running errands at the nearby mall,
Make your features pop!
Contouring is about creating strategically placed shadows on the hairline, sides of the nose, and cheeks to create dimension. And because you're faking depth, matte creams or powders that are two shades darker than your skin tone are recommended. Shimmery
Contouring ain't just for the Kardashians.
You may think kontouring contouring is only for the Kardashians, but this technique adds a wow factor to any everyday or party look. The face tends to look "flat" (which is quite unflattering) after applying foundation, so bringing back the shadows and
You literally just draw and blend!
Let's be real here: contouring is hard. Whenever we try to do it, we honestly question our makeup skills.If you're tired of having to play the guessing game every time you want to sculpt your face, why not give
Surprisingly not as dirty as it sounds.
In today's edition of WTF Was She Thinking, one girl took contouring to a completely new place. While most of us are perfectly content accentuating our bone structures (or lack of it) using, you know, simple strokes, this girl went ahead
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