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One writer asks whether we should reframe our thinking.
Fingers shaking as I spruced my hair on camera, I tried to remember to breathe. I had my smartest jumper on, paired with pajama bottoms and a big, wavering lump in my throat. It was March 2021, and I was going to
It’s a one-night only event!
Every kid has a childhood dream job that is sometimes left unfulfilled because life steers us in different kinds of directions. This time, KidZania is giving adults the chance to live out their childhood dream jobs in its second "Grown-Ups Night"
The highs and lows of joining one of the country's most demanding industries.
No, this isn't a sob story. No, this isn't a scathing indictment of the call center industry, nor is it a how-to-survive-working-in-a-BPO guide. It's a reflection on an unprecedented but dramatic career change
Dream B-I-G, bb!
In a perfect world, everybody would be doing what they're *really* passionate about (and getting paid for it). But what if you don't know exactly what you're into? How do you find out what your dream
You're stronger than you think, kween.
Getting fired from any job is hard-we all have to pay bills, right? But losing one you've been dreaming about for years, one you fought tooth and nail for can be downright devastating. Whether we admit it or not,
It's the summer job of a lifetime.
Prepare to re-think your summer plans, because travel company Busabout are offering up the chance for a group of social media lovers to travel across Europe and document their experience.They'll select four lucky people, who will be given
According to an annual report by
These days, it seems like everyone wants to experience working and living abroad-even if it's just temporarily. The truth is, however, it's insanely competitive; the list of in-demand jobs is short and you'll have
'Bakit umuwi ka pa, eh and'un ka na?'
Even as I utter my honest, albeit showbiz answer, "It was really part of my plan," I couldn't help but feel judged-berated, even-for not pursuing a future every Pinay would've wanted, that I unknowingly let everyone down by
Like your fear of failure and rejection!
What's your dream? Do you have one? Or did you have one and then let it go? We all need to dream to get somewhere. You don't even have to reach for the moon. You can dream of being promoted.
We dare you to explore all the what-could've-beens in your life. If you think it's too late, you're so wrong. Trust us: You can do anything...anytime you want.
Here's an exercise: Close your eyes. Count from one to 10. Think of a dream that you've been jonesing to fulfill. Is it building your own shoe empire? Publishing a novel? Moving to New York to attend fashion school? Visualize
Want to get on the fast track to a prime position in your dream job? Follow the NEW rules for succeeding professionally--some of them may surprise you!
Sure, you're young and maybe a bit inexperienced, but you're also smart, talented, and determined to be a success. Thing is, you may feel that climbing from entry-level newbie to big boss could take, well, years! Which, hello, is