Get that 'bagong-ligo' feeling!
In this insane heat of summer, there will be days when you want to take a shower (or wash your face), but you're far from home and can't take a bath. Worry not, though. Here are the products
Never use a towel again.
Who really has the time to blow dry their hair for an hour every single day? And if you have thicker, coarser locks, you might even need two. If your regular wash-and-blow dry technique isn't cutting it for you
For not-so-natural redheads!
Among all the shades available for coloring hair, red is the hardest to maintain. According to In Style, the dye molecules found in red are larger than the other hues, making it harder for red to deeply penetrate the hair shaft. Even
Hey kulot girls, don't fight it, embrace it!
Struggling with curly hair? Those shampoo commercials may tell you otherwise, but having curly hair is a blessing, not a curse! All you need is to arm yourself with the right tools, a confident outlook, and these hair care tips to guarantee
Here's the ugly truth.
There are two types of people in the world, those who shower in the morning and those who shower at night. (Yes, I know there are a few eager people out there that will fall into the two-showers-a-day category,
Spoiler alert: It grows back!
It's easy to fall back on a safe style that you know works for you, but that also means it's equally easy to feel like you're in a hair rut. To help you feel comfortable lopping off some length,
...And Instagram #feedgoals.
There's a blue pill taking over Hollywood. Don't worry; it's completely legal. It's bear-shaped, chewy, sweet, vegan, and packed with vitamins that are supposed to make your hair longer, shinier, and healthier.We first spotted these SugarBearHair
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