Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
Breakfast can divide people into two teams. Those who simply skip it or those who wake up ravenous in search of the nearest bowl of cereal. But is almusal really the most important meal of the day? And what happens to your
But you don't know where they came from.
I don't know about you, but at least once a week, someone points to my leg and asks about a bruise (or three): "Anong nangyari diyan?" And more often than not, and I just dismiss it because I honestly have no
Excuse me while I have a major girl power moment!
It's no secret that men are built differently that women and are oftentimes physically stronger. However, science suggesting women have greater muscle endurance than men could level the playing field once and for all, according to a new study recently published
It is incredibly liberating to look at a biscuit or brownie and say 'No thank you.'
Full disclaimer: I have never had control over my eating. I grew up skinny and struggled to gain weight when I was young, to the point that my grandmother paid me to reach a certain weight. I was on every appetite supplement
Could your eyeballs *actually* pop out?
In certain scenarios, like when you're on busy public transport, or doing an intense work presentation, it can feel kind of awkward needing to do a big old sneeze. So sometimes, we hold them in. But have you ever actually thought
Lighten your load—literally.
As a child, I wondered why my mom always lugged a huge purse around. It literally had everything I asked for-a snack, my toy, some tissue, sanitizer, an umbrella, and so much more. It wasn't until I became an adult
It's all about changing your expectations.
The sad truth is, most women spend ~too much~ of our precious time stressing over weight. I don't just mean how we internally punish ourselves for our guilty pleasures-we literally waste decades worrying about being too fat. And because so
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