Hint: There's a ~big~ difference.
It's no secret that nurses are some of the most underpaid professionals in the Philippines. Despite their rigorous studies and tough exams, nurses get offensively small salaries. This is why we can't blame those who aspire to work abroad, where
'I am undergoing treatment, so I plan my budget carefully.'
Name: Alyanna, 28Occupation: CopywriterMonthly Salary: P30,000I've never been the "magastos" type. I have always been frugal and mindful of my expenses. Since 2012, I have been paying for life insurance that also doubles as investment. In 2013, I was able
I don't live paycheck-to-paycheck—at least not anymore.
Name: Kim, 25 Industry: Digital Publishing I share a rented semi-furnished condo unit with three other girls. I occupy the sofa-bed, but I'm cool with it because 1) noise doesn't easily rouse me from hibernation (yes, I sleep
I still feel broke as heck every week.
Name: Marie, 26Industry: Publishing and Advertising I live in a condo unit with three other girls, where I'm basically the head of household. I'm responsible for managing the budget, paying the rent and the bills, and coordinating with the landlady.
How much do they make? What are the perks of their job?
Hotel Management has got to be one of the most popular courses out there. Much like how flight attendants get enviable discounts off their flights, hotel employees save a lot on accommodations when they travel because of their line of work. Name:
Don't underestimate their abilities!
Being a nurse is one of the toughest jobs out there. It's a profession that most people underestimate because some foolishly think nurses aren't as capable as doctors. Still, the four Pinay nurses we spoke to revealed that despite the
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