Nothing compares to your first love—but what if you end up meeting your last love?
College student Tae-o (Ji Soo) seemingly has it all-good looks, great friends, a wealthy family background-all he's missing is the love of his life. Everyone seems to ship him with his best friend of 20 years, Song-
Ji Soo and Jin Young made our seven-minute chat feel like 70!
Think of this scenario: You have that ~one~ childhood friend you've never seen as relationship material. But what if they end up dating your best friend, how would you feel about it then? If this sounds interesting (or at all
Seeing our K-drama faves IRL? What. An. Experience.
I'd like to think I'm not one to fangirl hard in real life (Squealing, shrieking, and calling out longingly to my idols? PASS)-or so I thought. This was exactly the case when I attended Netflix's
Time to get ready for the kilig!
It's common knowledge that Korean pop culture, specifically K-dramas, has won the hearts of many Pinoys. Now, Netflix has made them more accessible to us fangirls and boys with new romance dramas slated to stream on the service in
Only true Ji Soo fangirls can ace this quiz.
Time to test your fangirl knowledge, CGs! It's our oppa Ji Soo's birthday on March 30, so let's kick off this quiz series with trivia Q&As about him, shall we? Follow Ginyn on Instagram.
Oh. My. Oppa!
Ji Soo, one of Korea's most popular heartthrobs, flew to Manila for his very first fan meet in the country, and we're still reeling from all the feels! As a special treat to all the true stans out
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