In 20 shades of beige and brown.
A ~nude~ makeup look is the epitome of a classic and timeless look. It can make everybody appear chic and polished-no matter what your skin tone is-and it's so easy to do because you literally need only one
Meet the new staples of your makeup bag.
We are aware that most girls skip eyeshadow in their daily routines. They think it needs complex application skills, and a good eye for mixing and matching hues. So, we decided to guide you on the basics: We picked out the most
These semi-permanent treatments will make you ditch your makeup bag!
Can't leave the house without filling in your kilay? Or applying your go-to lipstick for a splash of color? Here's an idea: why not get these features semi-permanently tattooed by an expert so you can spare yourself a
Perfect for no-makeup days!
Breaking news: Foundation is not the only thing in the planet that can help you score flawless skin in an instant. Below, we rounded up skincare and makeup products that can smoothen and brighten your complexion seconds after application. These items are
A professional makeup artist shares his best hacks.
In theory, natural makeup should be easy; it's minimal, which means minimal effort, right? I wish. If, like me, you find your foundation often gets cakey, or your attempts at contouring verge on clown-like, I get it. This is
Always a classic.
The no-makeup look will always be a classic choice for everyone. Although it's simple, it highlights one's natural features and produces a fresh, youthful effect. The usual elements of this natural look are as follows: A light
Look dewy and fresh with just a few products!
For those who are fans of a low-maintenance makeup routine, Jennylyn Mercado's latest look is for you. Her makeup artist, Rick Martell Calderon, did a gorgeous barely-any-makeup look on her just recently. Just how did he bring
She's got tips and tricks on how to look extra fresh with little effort.
Beauty queen Catriona Gray always has a full face of makeup on. But our Miss Universe 2018 recently bared her gorgeous face to show her fans how she does her everyday makeup look. In the video below, she revealed her ~*beauty secrets*~
It's not about wearing less product, for starters!
It's pretty uncommon for brides to choose the no-makeup look on their wedding day. They want to feel glam and extremely fab-and we think that's totally fine. Who wouldn't want to look ~extra~ on
They're *lighter* than BB creams and tinted moisturizers!
Skin tints are the latest beauty product to promote a your-skin-but-better look. But before you disregard it and say it's just "another type of foundation," keep reading to find out why it's the ~*ultimate must-have*~
Add these lippies to your everyday makeup kit.
Finish off your everyday, fresh makeup look with these wearable lipstick shades.Maybelline Lip Gradation By Colorsensational in Coral, P349, WatsonsEver Bilena Matte Lipstick in Port, P165, WatsonsJordana Cosmetics Easyliner in Tawny, P249, WatsonsBurt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Guava, P450,
Light and fresh!
We've got great news for you: You don't need to spend an hour putting on layers of makeup to fake glowing skin. In fact, Kim Kardashian shared in her video collab with YouTube beauty guru, NikkieTutorials, that her sister Khloe'
Plus drugstore dupes for the makeup products Sarah Brock used on Gal Gadot!
Throughout Gal Gadot's fight scenes in Wonder Woman, aside from her natural "badassery," the other thing that we (and we bet you, too) were in awe of was her radiant complexion. And now that we all know her red carpet beauty
Avoid being greeted 'Happy Foundation Day.'
We wish we were born with smooth AF skin, but most of us occasionally get a blemish. Some even live with acne on a daily basis. And to fake amazing skin, we pile on lots of foundation and concealer to camouflage every
You'll be amazed at how wearable these are.
At the recent MAC Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2017 trend presentation in Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu, Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt shared the beauty looks every girl on the planet will be aiming for this season.According
No foundation? No problem!
Further proof that Angel Locsin is a ~*goddess*~? On a recent television guesting to promote The Third Party, the 31-year-old actress showed off her flawless complexion by going foundation-free!"(01012160) no foundation look on It's Showtime & Star Cinema
Become a pro at this beauty look with the help of these step-by-step videos!
When it comes to the biggest beauty trend that's been around for a while, less is always more! Or at least it looks a lot like it. Since the whole no-makeup makeup look is perfect for all face shapes, skin
Natural beauty reigns.
Celebrities may have to wear makeup most of the time, but even they have to give their skin a chance to breathe, too! Scroll down and see the stars who dared to go bare-faced and still looked as amazing as ever!
Paving the way for the REALLY real makeup-free uploads.
Model legend Tyra Banks just made a serious statement with her #makeupfree selfie- which she preferred to tag "#RawAndReal." Now this is refreshing.In the Instagram upload she talked about the "lying" social media culture and flipped it on its head. What
One word: FRESH.
With or without makeup? Click through the gallery and let us know what you think of these au naturel A-listers!
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